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"We Help Women Through Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum and Beyond So They Can Live Active, Confident, Healthy Lives Without The Need For Medication Or Surgery"

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Who We Help At Body Motion Physical Therapy

We understand that every single person’s journey is unique. That is why our first step is to get an understanding of what is happening to your body and how it is affecting your life.

We create a customized treatment plan that focuses on you and your goals and addresses the root cause of what is going on with holistic care.

We Help Health Conscious Women With:

We Help WomenThat Are Being Proactive and Hoping to Conceive In The Near Future.

Who Have Tried Everything and Are Struggling With Infertility Or Who Are Currently Going Through Medical Fertility Treatments To Improve The Success of Those treatments

Who are preparing for their dream pregnancy and delivery. Whether that be an unmedicated home birth, hospital birth or birth center delivery.

We are here to optimize your body for a vaginal birth and reduce the need for medical interventions. This helps decrease the likelihood of a c-section and birth trauma including pelvic injury, tearing and pelvic organ prolapse.

Who are hoping to have a vaginal birth after a c-section (VBAC).We do this by addressing the scar tissue, pelvic floor dysfunction and improve the flexibility of the pelvic floor. To aid in the success of the vaginal birth.

Busy, Frustrated Postpartum Moms Who are struggling with feeling confident in their body and confused about how to start exercising again so they can get back to healthy activity.

Who feel like things have been different since having kids and they can’t quite pinpoint why and are frustrated with their lack of progress.

Who feel like they never got their energy back since having kids and want to feel like they can keep up with their kids at the park and chase them around the grocery store without feeling completely exhausted.

Active Moms who want to maintain their active routines and decrease the issues that come along with aging. So they can stay fit and continue participating in their favorite classes and gym workouts without leaking or hurting themselves.

Women in their 40’s to 50’s year old who never felt like their body truly healed after kids.

These moms had kids 5 to 20 years ago and are now suffering with incontinence, hip, knee, back pain and sciatica along with other aches striving to live an active and confident life.

Some of these moms are also suffering with G.I. issues, constipation, discomfort with intimacy and a lack of core strength.

Women who want to limit the effects of the hormone changes with menopause and prevent losing their independence later in life.

Who want to continue living their best life and avoid hysterectomies, pelvic organ prolapse and bladder surgeries. Who want to be able to engage in enjoyable intimacy.

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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Body Motion Physical Therapy in Edmonds, WA...

Hannah Overcame Pelvic Floor Issues ​​And Is Now Back To Living Pain Free
“I’m a mother of a 17-month old boy and I have been having hip problems ever since I gave birth, really. I have gone to see a chiropractor. I’ve done everything about it and have a lot of trouble really locking down on the pain. The chiropractor really helped with my back, everything was fine, but it really wasn’t getting to the core issue. And I was talking to another mom about this at a park, and she recommended I go to physical therapy. And ultimately, it turns out that the cause of the pain was my pelvic floor.”
Caitlin Highly Recommends Body Motion Physical Therapy
“[Allison’s] approachable and it’s really easy to talk about the different issues you’re having and a lot of the things that we go through with pregnancy and postpartum are things that people don’t talk about. And so being able to both talk about and then do something about them and fix them has been just fabulous. And [Allison] ends up feeling more like a friend than a doctor which is just a great feeling.”

The Edmonds Moms Room Podcast

Local . Real . Life

Hosted By: Dr. Allison Feldt

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Get To Know Allison Feldt...

Dr. Allison Feldt, PT, DPT is a Pelvic Expert Physical Therapist and owner of Body Motion Physical Therapy. Who believes all women deserve care through pregnancy and postpartum. She also has a passion for helping women live their best life in strong bodies without suffering. As a mother of two she understands mom life.

Allison understands the MASSIVE body changes that occur with pregnancy and after delivery.

Her favorite phrase is once postpartum, always postpartum.

Allison saw too many moms in their late 40’s and 50’s dealing with hip, knee, back, ankle, neck and shoulder issues, and lots of them were suffering from incontinence. These moms turned into the 60-70 years olds with joint replacement and surgeries. Those moms then turned into the 80+ year olds in wheelchairs and diapers in the nursing homes. This fueled Allison’s passion to help moms restore their cores (pelvic floors and bellies) after kids so they don’t have to enter this cycle.

As a mom herself and someone who has experienced the aftermath of pregnancy and childbirth she knows first hand the steps to take to restore the body and strives to help moms heal themselves holistically.

Dr. Feldt graduated from Midwestern in 2012, with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

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