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The Secret To Decreasing Your Push Time And Preparing Your Pelvic Floor For Birth

Are you ready to revolutionize your birthing experience? Pelvic Expert Dr. Allison Feldt, PT, DPT, best selling author and mom of 3  has curated the ultimate online birth prep program. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to the empowered birth you deserve!

The Power of Pelvic Floor Preparation For Birth

Your journey to motherhood deserves nothing but the best. Dive into the science of success as we unveil how mastering your pelvic floor can:

Meet the Mind Behind It All

A Trailblazer in Pelvic Health - Dr. Allison Feldt

Dr. Allison Feldt, PT, DPT is a Pelvic Expert Physical Therapist and owner of Body Motion Physical Therapy. Who believes all women deserve care through pregnancy and postpartum. She also has a passion for helping women live their best life in strong bodies without suffering. As a mother of two she understands mom life.

Your guide through this transformative experience is none other than Dr. Allison, a luminary in pelvic floor physical therapy with over a decade of experience. Let Dr. Allison lead you to a birthing experience that goes beyond what you thought possible.

Inside the Secret To Decreasing Your Push Time And Preparing Your Pelvic Floor For Birth Online Program

Elevate Your Birth, Unleash Your Power

Real Stories, Real Triumphs

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FAQs Unveiled

Ditch Doubts, Embrace Certainty

I recommend starting at 12 weeks pregnant at the end of your first trimester.

Optimizing your pelvic floor is still very beneficial for women who have a c-section. Learning how to connect the Pelvic Floor with these essential core muscles and ensuring adequate blood flow to these muscles will decrease healing time postpartum.

There are modifications for most of the exercises and of course any movements you’re not comfortable with can be skipped.

Pelvic rest is defined differently by different providers; there is no unanimous definition and we recommend discussing the program with your birth team prior to engaging.

Not necessarily you can commit whatever time you want to the program. Some clients just review it while others include aspects daily. 

Many individuals are never instructed on the proper utilization of their pelvic floor muscles, leaving them without the necessary connection and control required during childbirth. This lack of awareness often leads to prolonged pushing during labor or the need to learn how to push on the fly, potentially resulting in some individuals experiencing an emergency C-section due to insufficient progress. Mastering control and understanding how to engage the pelvic floor throughout pregnancy not only enhances the birthing process but also lays the foundation for a swifter recovery postpartum. This crucial knowledge isn’t just beneficial for delivery; it also proves invaluable in maintaining continence and safeguarding joint health as we age. The pelvic floor, situated at the base of the core, plays a pivotal role, and contrary to popular belief, Kegel exercises are not beneficial during birth. Enrolling in this course dedicated to this essential aspect of the core will establish a profound connection with and understanding of the pelvic floor, ensuring comprehensive well-being.

Most people seek out our info once they have already had a trying or difficult birth experience that they want to improve upon. This information is valuable regardless of how many times you have conceived or delivered. This will shed new light on to how to protect your body and pelvic floor from what many consider to be mayhem. 

Unlock Your Birth Revolution

Your Journey Starts Now

Ready to rewrite your birthing story? Unleash the power within and join our exclusive Pelvic Floor Birth Prep Program. Your path to a confident and empowered birth experience begins with a single click.

Unlock the secrets to a confident and empowered journey to a vaginal birth with our exclusive program tailored for health-conscious women. This comprehensive 6-module course delves into crucial aspects such as:

Our program goes beyond the ordinary, offering exclusive videos that guide you through safe and effective exercises designed specifically for pregnancy. Elevate your birthing experience with invaluable insights into achieving optimal mobility, understanding body mechanics, and fostering the right breath patterns.

Unleash the power of a well-prepared core and pelvic floor, paving the way for a fast and confident delivery.

But that’s not all – your journey is supported by an insightful E-Book Guide complete with images and detailed descriptions. 

This guide is your companion, providing additional resources and support as you navigate each module, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to confidently prepare for the vaginal birth you desire.

Embark on this transformative journey with us and gain the confidence you crave. Embrace the full spectrum of health and readiness for a vaginal birth with our program—where comprehensive knowledge meets empowering techniques, all crafted for the health-conscious woman eager to make informed choices for a fulfilling birthing experience.

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