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Birth Your First ( Second or Third) Baby With Ease!
Our Birth Prep Clients Have Their Babies WITHOUT Pushing For Hours, Sometimes Even In Just A Few Minutes!

With Dr. Allison’s Pelvic Floor Preparation For Birth Online Program, That You Can Do From ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Learn How To Prevent Tearing During Birth, How To Optimize Your Body For A Vaginal Delivery, Eliminate Aches And Pains During Pregnancy, Discover Pelvic Floor Coordination And Learn How To Push Your Baby Out!

 (Yes your uterus does the pushing, but let’s get one thing clear: your pelvic floor has to be able to relax, open and expand for the baby to get through quickly with less damage and with ease!)

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Dear Mama,

What do you want birth to look like for you? For every woman it’s different.

Most people I see for birth prep want to be fully present, they want to feel confident and safe, they want to be prepared and most of all they want to walk away with a healthy baby and minimal birth trauma.

When you’re constantly being shown pregnancy and birth content online while pregnant about worst case scenarios or just highlight reels it’s hard to know what to expect.

While you’re simultaneously getting advice from every direction, even from strangers on the street you start to get confused and overwhelmed.

And more often than not something else begins to happen…

You Start To Be Treated Like A Vessel, Like Your Wants For Your Birthing Experience Aren’t Realistic, That You’re Not Allowed To Have A Birth Plan

As you progress through your pregnancy it becomes more and more about the baby and less about the issues you’re experiencing. 

And the “guidance” comes from

  1. Doctors
  2. Family
  3. Friends

Here’s Why

Women’s health before, during and after pregnancy is highly focused on child bearing. Aches and pains are chalked up to be normal and part of the process whereas in reality they are symptoms of pelvic floor and physical issues that are COMMON BUT NOT NORMAL!

And this might be controversial but insurance companies, doctors and hospitals don’t care if you labor for 48 hours and need Pitocin, an Epidural and a C-section because they get paid the big bucks the more stuff you need but you’re left with the repercussions of these interventions. And those bills.

If this sounds rough. IT IS!

90% of the clients that come here after their first are prioritizing their care with their second baby because their first birth was traumatizing.

The minute you walk into a hospital to give birth a clock starts, there are established protocols that if you haven’t progressed to a certain level the cascade of interventions begin.

Oftentimes for first time moms their pelvic floor is extremely tight and that can mean a longer labor without the support of a Pelvic Expert Physical Therapist it’s extremely difficult to change the quality of these essential muscles. That tight pelvic floor and longer labor will lead to interventions in a traditional hospital setting. Also Some people are still being taught KEGELS as a main way to prepare for birth. Let’s make sure that is not the advice you get!

And that is why Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy should be the #1 Priority when preparing for birth.

Your Pregnant Now What?

Prepare For Birth With An Expert Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. Eliminate Aches And Pains During Pregnancy. Optimize Your Body For A Vaginal Delivery. Created By Dr. Allison Feldt, PT, DPT A Leading Pelvic Expert Physical Therapist, Best Selling Author, Owner of Body Motion Physical Therapy And Mother.

This Program Includes Information And Exclusive Videos On

And More!​
A 6 Module Course That Will Give You The Confidence You Crave When Preparing For A Vaginal Birth. Includes An E-Book Guide With Images And Descriptions To Help Support You On This Journey!