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I Healed My Prolapse

If you have been around here long enough; you know that I live with a pelvic organ prolapse (a cystocele, where my bladder falls into my vagina). I’ll save you the graphic picture.

It didn’t get worse after Jayla was born and I truly attribute that to the weekly, sometimes 2x per week pelvic floor appointments. I didn’t have to “push” Jayla out, which meant I didn’t spend hours pushing my organs out either. I just got to breathe her out and therefore my bladder and rectum didn’t take a whole lot of strain! It wasn’t luck, because the first two births where I pushed for hours, I did push those organs down and out. Which could have been prevented if I had had the internal pelvic floor work!

Well I digress, my postpartum recovery process has been great and super fun and has required a lot of dedication!!! Helps that I have hardly had to heal the prolapse and scar tissue because it didn’t get worse. And my pelvic floor was the healthiest it has ever been, hence why the scar pretty much healed itself and didn’t leave restrictive scar tissue. But I do have this prolapse and that DOES require maintenance. Sometimes because of this prolapse, my pelvic floor will get tight and stop working as well. Side note, when that happens, often sex becomes uncomfortable with deeper thrusting and I find myself bracing (not conducive for enjoyable intercourse).

Sooooo then I know it’s time to get a tune up for my pelvic floor. I find myself getting my pelvic floor tuned up about every month. Sometimes if I increase weight I am squatting or deadlifting, I need to get more tune up’s. This makes sure my prolapse doesn’t get worse and that my pelvic floor can manage the increase in my weight training.

I recently started Pilates at Woodway Wellness in Edmonds, highly recommended you check it out. However, the core work is sooo good, that it increased my urinary urgency, I was feeling like I was having to go all the time. I knew this meant my pelvic floor had just gotten too tight and wasn’t relaxing. So again time for a tune up! As my body gets stronger and better at Pilates my pelvic floor will be able to manage it and I won’t need tune up’s from going to Pilates.

Even after you’re done with pelvic floor pt and you experience transformation and feel on top of the world and your health, if you don’t keep up with health behaviors then you’re bound to regress.

It’s in line with if you’re not living and growing you’re slowly dying. I chose to live and grow, hence the constantly trying new exercise and keeping up with my favorite movements.

This is exactly why the Body Motion Membership exists! Prevent issues from coming back up and stay tuned up for all that life throws at you and your pelvic floor. If you haven’t been in for a while, we would love to invite you back! This is the sign you may have been looking for. Reminder members get significant discounts on sessions and can cancel membership anytime! Yes, you did all the hard work before, freeing yourself of incontinence, restoring your body after kids, preparing for an uncomplicated birth, you did it! And we are proud! But we all engage in life! And life sometimes takes a toll on our body! So tune that baby up!


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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