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Peeing your pants is awful. You feel insecure, embarrassed, gross and stressed in daily situations. You limit yourself to non strenuous activities and always carry a backup pair of pants and liners and pads. It’s like you’re prepping your “mommy’s diaper bag.”

It can affect your sexuality and make you feel undesirable.

Leaking becomes your norm and so do those feelings. Those feelings often lead to resentment towards your partner, your child or yourself.

If you’ve ever felt this way don’t beat yourself up! Don’t ignore the symptoms and just suck it up!

It’s common but NOT NORMAL!

Becoming a mom doesn’t mean you give up on yourself, ignore your health or tolerate issues because you don’t matter anymore.

So many of us grew up with parents that ignored their issues or didn’t have the access or opportunity to treat their issues whether they were physical or mental and those issues affected our childhoods and our beliefs about life and ourselves in our adulthood.

Leaking might not seem like a life altering experience and you’ll hear from your friends and family that it’s happening to them too but that just goes to show the lack of support for maternal health in our society.

Leaking is known as Incontinence which is a sign of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. One of the first signs that your body is giving you that things aren’t right.

What happens if you just ignore the signs? Your body will make adjustments; your pelvic floor isn’t able to do its job and absorb the force you exert during your daily life, just walking, not to mention intense workout or lifting anything including your kids. So it will pass that job off to your joints; your knees, hips and back will start aching.

Now that the pain has started it feels a bit more serious so we start taking the over the counter pain meds those eventually stop working so we go to the doctor and they usually suggest steroid injections, once those stop working they suggest surgeries, once those are done and the pain is still there they give you a stronger pill. All the while you’ve been struggling! Getting out of bed becomes a chore and every other task seems like a burden.

I’ll share a story about a staff member who’s given consent for me to share this but one of team members’ moms had chronic back pain before this person was even born. She struggled everyday. So this person relied on their sister and didn’t have the cookie cutter life with your parents waking up and making your lunch and driving you to school everyday. School events like choir concerts or field trips were usually not attended and if they were their mom was suffering and wasn’t able to be present. Even when she went to college her mom couldn’t make the drive to drop her off.

This parent developed a dependence on medications just to get out of bed and those medications led to more issues like liver and heart problems.

I don’t say this to scare you but it’s a reality check because the issues we go through as parents affect our kids whether we think they do or not and they notice whether it’s right now or when they reflect on their childhood as adults. I’ve had countless clients say that leaking limits them from running around with their kids or jumping on a trampoline and at the end of the day all those moments add up.

That is why it is crucial to eliminate your incontinence before it limits your life.


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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