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Jayla’s Tongue Tie, Blood Cell Size, Low Iron and Following My Mom Gut

So if you follow our socials, I have spoken about leaning into my intuition more and more.

It actually has never once failed me.
It is a very powerful tool, if I actually listen.

WE all have this power. But how tuned into it we are is usually the difference of how well we can let it guide us and help us make easy decisions.

Jayla, my 3rd born, was born with a tongue and cheek tie. She was gaining weight normally but after about 2-3 weeks, she wasn’t staying on her curve. Then we followed the lactation referral path and gave all these tools to change my intuitive nature of breastfeeding her. And time and time again she wasn’t gaining enough according to her curve for about 6 weeks.

Let me tell you what else was going on in the background those 6 weeks. The other two kids were bringing home colds. So Jayla had 4 separate colds/viruses in her first 8 weeks. All coinciding with her lack of weight gain.

Even after the tongue tie and cheek tie laser procedure, the amount she gained post feed/ her intake per feed didn’t change.

Intuitively this whole thing felt so wrong, but in my haze of postpartum I followed the “standard” procedures just like I did in her birth. (More to come in the Book!)

Even though in my gut she was totally fine, and was just sick 4 separate times very close together at this super young age.

I am not saying ignore this, and retrospectively it’s always easier to see what the “right” path was….. BUT after this I took an oath to myself. I promised myself that I am going to lean into my intuition. Most likely for us the tongue tie situation was unnecessary and I am not here to debate if it will help her later in life. But at the time, all the stress I had about her breastfeeding journey was pretty much just made up. And the big picture and my intuition knew she was just sick with common viruses.

So then over the next year, Jayla was always kind of small but not far off her curve. In my gut, I knew she was fine.

Fast forward to 12-18 month appointments (can’t quite recall exactly when). I was told her iron was a few points below normal. Okay, we did a bit of supplementation, then it was a bit lower the next check. The doctor suggested just watching it and changing the iron supplement. This whole time, I intuitively felt again, Jayla is normal, she is fine, her iron is normal for her. This was in my gut.

At her 2.5 year appointment, a different physician wanted to recheck and ordered extensive testing at Children’s. He almost shunned me into thinking I should have done this sooner as her blood cell size was too small and iron was too low and we needed answers immediately.

In my gut, I knew she was fine. I held true to my intuition and gut.

Followed through on the testing the next day. And everything was normal. I haven’t even been supplementing iron in forever. I appreciate the doctor’s severe concern, and previous versions of myself would have interpreted his concern and urgency, transforming it into complete mom guilt and shame and concern.

I didn’t have one bit of this.

I knew she was fine. And then she was.

It was a very strong reminder that my intuition hasn’t served me wrong as long as I listen. I am giving you these examples and you may agree or disagree with them. But medical providers and people in science often forget about some of the most powerful data and tools that us humans have, and that is our intuition.

Can you guess where this is going?

Just a simple reminder, listen to your intuition.

If your intuition is telling you that you should get a pelvic floor tune up or some work done. Then come in.

If it’s telling you to unsubscribe, then unsubscribe.
If it’s telling you to at least reach out and find out more.
Please do.

But start to strengthen your ability to listen to your intuition as the stronger tool for guiding your body to ultimate health and wellness. It is such a gift to give yourself, and when your kids see you operating on your intuition then it is a gift you are teaching them, too.


Allison Feldt

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