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The Ultimate Guide: How To Gain Back Your Confidence After Baby

Congratulations! You created a human and are keeping them alive! We here at Body Motion Physical Therapy applaud you and are so grateful you took a moment for yourself to read this article. Regardless of your postpartum weight or pants size we want this generation of mothers to feel empowered postpartum. We Help Women Through Pregnancy And Beyond So They Can Live Active Confident Healthy Lives Without The Need For Surgery or Medications. We want the women in our community to feel confident, strong and healthy. Free from worry in regards to their personal health so they can focus on what they truly find joy in. Dr. Allison Feldt, PT, DPT owner of Body Motion PT is passionate in helping women postpartum so they  can avoid so many of the health conditions that we see prevalent in today’s older generations; including joint replacements and loss of independence. So much is lacking in the maternal care we find available in the United States compared to other developed countries and it is our mission at Body Motion Physical Therapy to help 1 million moms, To support 1 million moms means to reach a million families and make a wave in our community and emphasize importance of postpartum care.

The biggest mistake we see is our clients are more focused on bouncing back to their prebaby body, or pushing through discomfort to please their partners sexual needs.  Almost all are ignoring the leaking when they sneeze or exert themselves and just use pads and wonder why they feel off even though they are literally doing everything, on less sleep than ever! Sound familiar? You and your body just did something absolutely amazing, miraculous even. You need to heal and you need support. Body Motion Physical Therapy is the next step postpartum, not the gym. The physical therapist that will asess you after this marathon of a pregnancy and birth. Someone, who’s trained, who will understand and guide your healing, assess your abdominal wall to ensure you don’t have a diastasis. A doctor who will treat those aches and pains before they become a knee or hip replacement. Someone you can trust to talk to about the pain you experience during sex so you can regain control of those muscles and allow for more pleasure.

1. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
Whether your baby was born by a c-section or a vaginal delivery there has been stress on your pelvic floor over the last several months. Through breathing techniques, specific exercises, manual therapy and scar tissue release many common postpartum ailments can be avoided.
Try a Discovery Visit Here at Body Motion Physical Therapy! Free 30 Minutes Healthcare With a Pelvic Floor Specialist!
2. Emotional Support
A new baby is a huge adjustment and becoming a parent changes your self identity and can cause strain in your relationship. You are not alone and seeking support will only make you stronger.
We recommend Grace St. John,Counselor MA, LMHC, Peggy Farrah, LMHCand Jessica Psenski, LMHCA!

3. Community
Once you’ve been cleared to resume exercise we suggest group fitness classes with other moms or one that provides childcare so you can have some fun and socialize,
We recommend Fit4Mom, OmmaCo and Barre3. MOPS groups are also a really great resource!

4. Self Care
Whether it’s an episode of the Edmonds Moms Room podcast, a hot bath, iced coffee or a spa appointment. We encourage our clients to find time to enjoy themselves and be present.
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Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

"We Help Women Through Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum and Beyond So They Can Live Active, Confident, Healthy Lives Without The Need For Medication Or Surgery"

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