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“Why Am I Leaking?”
“Why Can’t I Hold My Pee?”
“How Can I Control My Bladder?”
“Why Do I Pee When I Jump?”
“How Do I Stop The Urge To Pee At Night?”
“Why Do I Dribble On The Toilet Seat When I’m Done Going To The Bathroom?” 

Do You Pee When You Sneeze, Cough Or Laugh? Do You Leak During Workouts, Whether It’s A Long Walk Or An Intense HITT Class? Leaking Is Common But NOT NORMAL! Leaking Or Incontinence Is A Sign Of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. It Can Show Up As Having To Urinate Often, Leaking When You Don’t Want To Or Not Being Able To Hold In Urine Or Stool Or Even A Fart.

We Help Women Feel Confident In Their Bodies And Avoid Medications And Surgeries! We Offer A Holistic Alternative Which Will Eliminate The Urge, Help You Gain Control Of Your Bladder And Avoid Embarrassing Moments.

Our Pelvic Expert Physical Therapists Will Teach You Proper Bathroom Mechanics, Help You Optimize And Coordinate Your Pelvic Floor, Restore Your Pelvic Floor Strength, Relieve Pelvic Discomfort and Control Your Bladder.

It’s Not Too Late To Restore Your Core And Protect Your Independence! Request A Free 30 Minute Discovery Visit With One Of Our Pelvic Experts And Take The First Step On Your Healing Journey With Confidence And Support!

Here's A Helpful Tip From Dr. Allison Feldt, PT, DPT On How To Fully Empty Your Bladder To Help Get You Started!

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“Why You Leak and How To Stop Peeing Your Pants When You Sneeze”

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"The Secret To Avoid Peeing Your Pants"

"Why You Leak and How To Stop Peeing Your Pants When You Sneeze"

Dr. Allison Feldt, PT, DPT Pelvic Expert, Best Selling Author and owner of Body Motion Physical Therapy wrote “Restore Your Body After Kids, The Secret To Avoid Peeing Your Pants And Achy Joints As You Age” This Book Is An Amazing Resource For Anyone Who Is Postpartum Whether Your 6 Months Or 26 Years This Information Will Help You Restore Your Core Muscles And Protect Your Joints As You Age!

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