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Not local to Edmonds, WA? We Can Still Help You!

Our exclusive Body Motion Protocols are sought after by clients all over the United States along with local moms, that is why we offer Intensives. This allows people from out of state and different countries to travel to Edmonds, Washington for this life changing treatment. Instead of spacing out your treatment sessions over several weeks and months we condensed the treatment. By reducing time in between sessions we are able to make a big difference in the body.

Some people look at this as the best spa self care get away that they can get!
Get results that last a lifetime!

The Benefits Of Intensives:

Come in for treatments on a schedule that works for you! We understand how busy life gets and so that’s why we created an option that can fit your schedule. This is great for anyone wanting to plan a trip just to get Pelvic Expert Physical Therapy or new moms on maternity leave. Some of our local moms also choose this option so they can get better in a shorter period of time instead of having to coordinate appointments for multiple weeks around kid schedules.

Whatever you choose, we are honored to be an option for you whether far or near!
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