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Postpartum Restoration Package

You just gave birth and are in awe of what your body can do, but you’re not feeling awesome in your postpartum body. This package is for the woman who just wants to feel “back to normal” again.

This package is meant to help reconnect you back to your body and muscles that may be feeling some of the effects after the amazing feat they just accomplished! This was developed to help facilitate healing and address any and all injuries sustained in childbirth.

"This Package Is For You Or For The Mom In Your Life Who Always Takes Care Of Others And Never Makes Time For Herself."

When you have a baby you have scar tissue either in your perineum (right where the baby came out of the vaginal canal or across your stomach if you had a birth by cesarean section). Please don’t be fooled, if you had a c-section your pelvic floor is absolutely affected too… I want to briefly tell you that the reason scars are so important to address is because birth scars are directly at the area of the pelvic floor and deep core muscles known as the transverse abdominns and if there is scar tissue present there then the muscles can’t fully contract, so that can contribute to a weak core. The core is the most important force absorber in your body. If your core is weak you will wear out all your other joints faster. So you may have little niggly aches and pains or wake up with perpetual stiffness.

Ignoring these issues leads to serious issues in later life, in your 50’s and 60’s it’s joint replacements and in your 80’s and later it will mean a loss of independence and the need for diapers. We can take steps today that will make your quality of life drastically better in the decades to come.

This is like a massage on steroids and is designed to not only make you feel great but create long-lasting change so you aren’t plagued by the stiffness, aches and pains that could be slowing you down. Whether it’s neck aches to issues with leaking urine or back pain. We will have the mom in your life feeling balanced, restored and energized to help her love her life with confidence in her body. This is the gift that will change her life!

This Package Includes:

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