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"We Help Women Through Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum and Beyond So They Can Live Active, Confident, Healthy Lives Without The Need For Medication Or Surgery"

Pregnancy Support

Meet Dr. Allison Feldt, PT, DPT Pelvic Expert Physical Therapist, Owner of Body Motion Physical Therapy, Best Selling Author & Mom of 3

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Pregnancy Symptoms Addressed With Pelvic Floor PT:

The Body Motion PT Treatment Includes

A Free Discovery Visit To Review Concerns, Share Goals And Meet With The Provider Before Treatment Begins Make Sure We Feel Like A Great Fit.

An Initial Evaluation, A Thorough Exam To Find The Root Cause Of The Symptoms And Create A Personalized Treatment Plan.

Regularly Scheduled Follow Up Appointments With A Pelvic Expert Physical Therapist Not An Aide Or Assistant.

Complimentary Virtual Postpartum Check In To Review Any Concerns After Birth.

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Dr. Riley Phelps, PT, DPT

Dr. Victoria Smith, PT, DPT