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Our expertise led us to choose these great products for your wellness needs. We did all the work of making sure these were the best products for helping you to achieve your goals of an active, confident and healthy lifestyle.

Spoonk Acupressure Eco Mat

Sof Sole Women's AIRR Orthotic Support

Medical Cups

Vitamin E Suppository

Elastic Band Set

Exercise Ball

Coregeous Ball

Peanut Massage Ball

Foam Roller

V2 Supporter

Squatty Potty

Thumb Splint

Maternity Shapewear

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Body Motion Physical Therapy in Edmonds, WA...

Hannah Overcame Pelvic Floor Issues ​​And Is Now Back To Living Pain Free
“I’m a mother of a 17-month old boy and I have been having hip problems ever since I gave birth, really. I have gone to see a chiropractor. I’ve done everything about it and have a lot of trouble really locking down on the pain. The chiropractor really helped with my back, everything was fine, but it really wasn’t getting to the core issue. And I was talking to another mom about this at a park, and she recommended I go to physical therapy. And ultimately, it turns out that the cause of the pain was my pelvic floor.”
Courtney Is 34 Weeks Pregnant And Is Seeking Help From Body Motion For Her Prenatal Care
“So, I’ve been coming to Body Motion, this is my seventh visit that I’ve had, and I have no more bladder spasms. I’ve actually learned how to control my bladder, even though I have a baby’s head on my bladder right now. But, I have no more bladder pain and I have so much confidence going in for a vaginal delivery, as Dr. Allison Feldt is able to work with decreasing any of that tight tone in my pelvis as well as she’s teaching to me to actually push. So, I’ve learned how to push out a baby and I feel so confident and so ready to bring this little one into the world.”
Nas Overcame Pelvic Floor Pain While Pregnant And Was Able To Have A Successful Vaginal Delivery

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