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Arousal and the Big O!

One thing that does not exist for women is help for them if they don’t have an excellent climax experience. Men get pills to pop that allow them this pleasure….. Those were developed AND patented in 1996… 28 years ago… Any advances for women? No.

Lots of women come into my office and are concerned

  1. They have never had an orgasm
  2. They have to work hard to get one
  3. They need a toy to experience one.
  4. They can’t do it with a partner.
  5. They get intense pain or cramping after the orgasm itself.

Up until this point, Shockwave Therapy has been used to treat erectile dysfunction very effectively. It’s way safer than a pill because there are no scary side effects. It is an incredible and natural solution to helping men get hard, stay hard, and ejaculate. However, it pissed me off so bad that no one ever started talking about this or trying this on women. So here I am to do this.

We have been working really hard behind the scenes here at Body Motion to create an Orgasm and Arousal Fix, and I am here to say that it’s working!!!!!!!!!!!


I was a bit scared, to be honest. But it didn’t feel terrible, and I could feel the adhesions and tightness that were limiting the normal blood flow and sensation to my clitoris. It was wild!

Our patients who have never had an orgasm are now reporting that they can orgasm! Our patients who have had to work hard are getting it very quickly. Even the ones who have been to sex therapy and marriage counseling in regards to this are finding that this simple treatment is changing their sex experience!

It’s incredible, and I am so excited to see the results.

So, we are now offering our Orgasm Revolution Package. Even if you think your orgasms are okay. This is helping revascularize the tissue and bring new blood flow to the muscles that control climax. This is beyond exciting. If you are interested in experiencing this, please reach out today to be one of the first to experience the Orgasm Revolution Package.


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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