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Prioritize Your Pelvic Health

Here at Body Motion Physical Therapy We Are Passionate About Pelvic Health

“Why is pelvic floor physical therapy becoming more popular?” “Why are we just now ‘needing’ it? My mom and grandma were fine without it…”

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is the treatment that has been the missing piece of the puzzle that is women’s health. Many of our clients have heard of it but aren’t really aware of what it entails and the benefits to the entire body.

We are going to dive into all the frequently asked questions

and really share the reason why all women need to prioritize their pelvic health. We’re not talking about Kegel’s we’re talking about holistic healing of the essential core muscles that protect our joints. Support our organs and allow us to age gracefully, with confidence not with surgery and medications.

It is astonishing that the majority of women are unaware of how multifaceted the pelvic floor is and how many of the issues that affect women throughout their lifespan are rooted in pelvic floor dysfunction.

Let’s Dive In!

What Is The Pelvic Floor?
The pelvic floor is a group of muscles at the base of your core. It is responsible for sexual function, bathroom functions, joint support and organ support. Think of it as the foundation of your core. If something is wrong with the foundation is begins to affect the integrity of the structure.

What Is Causing Your Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?
Women of all ages struggle with pelvic floor dysfunction, even children can have issues such as pelvic organ prolapse; when an organ descends into the vaginal canal. Other issues such as incontinence, diastasis recti and chronic constipation are common among women especially Postpartum. Most dysfunctions are caused by trauma; a car accident, injury or a birth. It can also be caused by habits; lack of hydration or a low fiber diet can cause constipation and incontinence.

Why Does It Matter If You’re Having Dysfunction?
Many women live with pelvic floor dysfunction for decades, always putting off treatment or thinking that their symptoms are normal. However our bodies are master compensators and without a fully functioning pelvic floor your body will start depending on your joints to support you vs. your core. This leads to chronic pain, joint replacements and reliance on medications.

What Happens During A Pelvic PT Session?
At Body Motion Physical Therapy our Pelvic Experts do a combination of internal and external manual therapy. Yes that does mean they are manipulating the pelvic floor muscles through the vagina. They are trained to release adhesions within the 3 layers of the pelvic floor allowing proper blood flow to return to these muscles so that proper strengthening can take place. With the combination of external therapy, similar to massage, they will realign the body as well as release tight muscles and scar tissue. This duo plus a personalized strengthening program will help you heal and optimize your body, eliminate pain and pelvic floor dysfunction.

What Makes Body Motion PT Different?
At Body Motion Physical Therapy you receive treatment from a Doctor of Physical Therapy. One on one every time. Most Physical Therapy Clinics you see a doctor for 15 minutes and then you’re passed off to a PT aide to complete the treatment. Often times you see a few different people and then are given exercises that you do on your own. But with that system the expert care is lost, the trust and connection is reduced and we see so many women who have spent months in PT without results. Most of our clients have been to a traditional PT clinic and are disappointed and frustrated with the lack of improvement. At Body Motion PT you are treated by the same provider for your plan of care and get a team of doctors reviewing your plan of care and supporting you the entire time

Who Needs Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?
We are big advocates for universal pelvic floor physical therapy. Whether you’ve had children or not you could be dealing with pelvic floor dysfunctions. We often see people who are active. Runners, gymnasts and Crossfit athletes often have pelvic floor issues. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy helps with fertility, pregnancy and postpartum as well.

How Do I Know When It’s Time To See An Expert?
If you’ve been struggling with back, hip or joint pain, incontinence, discomfort with intercourse or constipation. We can help, we also treat clients with Endometriosis, clients who are pregnant and postpartum. Pelvic Floor PT can also help optimize your body for conception and help you heal after abdominal surgeries.

Why Can’t I Just Do Kegel’s?
A Kegel is a pelvic floor contraction. Women naturally hold stress in their pelvic floor and hips. Constantly contracting a muscle that is already tight causes it to atrophy. Often women dealing with incontinence, pain with intercourse and constipation have a hypertonic pelvic floor, a tight pelvic floor. Especially postpartum when there is damage done to the muscles, constant contractions limits the blood flow and reduces the strength of the muscles. This is why manual therapy to eliminate the adhesions and scar tissue and return blood flow to these muscles is so imperative.


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