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Suffering From Incontinence?

Do you suffer from leaking when you sneeze or even have a hard time holding in until you’re able to find a restroom? If your answer was yes then you may be one of the thousands of people suffering from incontinence issues but don’t worry, you’re not alone! We all know the Holiday season is fast approaching and that means long-distance car rides, extended waiting times at the airport, and lots of fun you don’t want to miss out on but that also means that your incontinence issues will seem to be at their all-time high.

Incontinence can be triggered by running, sneezing, heavy lifting, and even just needing to frequently urinate every 2 hours or less! Those all definitely sound like things we experience during the holiday season but that also adds on extra stress onto our pelvic floor muscles that can even make those issues worse but like I said before – no need to worry! Why? Because there IS a resolution to all of those problems. I’m not talking about surgeries or injections or anything of the sort. I’m talking about holistic manual therapy and Body Motion Physical Therapy can help you with just that! Our Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist specializes in these sorts of things and have helped hundreds of other people just like you who may have been suffering from this for several months, several years, or their whole life! We’re able to use manual therapy to help break up adhesions in your scar tissue so it promotes healthy movement in all the areas of your pelvic floor. They also provide breathing and bathroom techniques that can help eliminate the stress of leaking and urgency.

If you’re ready to start your journey of a healthy pelvic floor so that you’re at your best this holiday season please reach out to our clinic so that we can help you every step of the way! We’re also here if you need a listening ear or need additional information.  Book a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Visit with us today!


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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