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The reason every fit mom leaks…..

Here’s the deal. I often hear from moms who are superstar fitness queens and athletes. They tell me they have tried kegel weights, pelvic floor trainers, pelvic floor stimulators, and sometimes more. And yet they still leak. They do the core workouts and kegels, yet they still leak.

So how could a mom checking all the boxes on her health and fitness journey still leak?

Let me break it down.

You probably know the answer if you have hung out on these emails for a while.

Often, women who are fit or work out a lot have decent abdominal tone and pelvic floor tightness and shortening. This could be better. It also happens as the body compensates and pulls back together after having kids.

That sounds good, but there are more effective ways to keep your core strong.

Imagine you have a bowel (your pelvic floor) put a grape in the bowel (your bladder) the tighter and tighter the bowel, the more the squeeze on the bladder, the more the bladder doesn’t have space to live.

The more the squeeze, the more the leakage.

This is what a tight bowel or pelvic floor does to the bladder. Therefore, we must make space in these muscles to take pressure off the bladder.

Don’t worry. Giving these muscles more space and range of motion makes everything from sex to pleasure to bowel movements to workouts more effective.

A fun fact is when you get this range of motion in your pelvic floor; it becomes much easier to build your glutes…Ever tried to fix the flat mom booty? Well, guess what? The more flexible your pelvic floor, the greater your hips can move into and out of hip flexion/ extension and hip abduction and adduction, which are the primary ways to grow your glutes! Now a critical underrated secret of getting the glutes medius/upper glutes to grow (without a Brazilian butt lift) is to get the pelvic floor more range of motion. You will develop those glutes, and you can train better brain connection to the glutes.

If I haven’t convinced you yet that your pelvic floor is the center of your health and the center of your universe, maybe letting you know that it can help you build a booty will get you to care that you pee your pants and to take action to do something about it.


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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