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What Is Pelvic Floor PT

Do you ever wonder what to expect when you go to a pelvic floor physical therapist you might have had friends that say to you. “Hey, I’m going to pelvic PT. I stopped peeing my pants and all this great stuff”, or your doctor might say “hey you need to go to pelvic floor PT”

What’s important to review is the role the pelvic floor plays in your body; The Pelvic Floor Is Responsible For All Sexual Functions, Urinary and Bowel Functions But It Is Also The Root Of Our Core Strength. 
​A Tight Pelvic Floor Is Not A Healthy Pelvic Floor That’s Why Many Of My Patients Are Put On An Anti Kegel Diet. A Tight Pelvic Floor Exacerbates A Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Leads To Joint And Back Pain Since The Core Isn’t Optimized To Absorb The Force Being Applied To The Body. Causes Incontinence and Discomfort During Sex And Can Even Lead To Neck Pain!

Reasons To Go To Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

  • If you’re having low back pain that hasn’t been resolved with regular PT,
  • Maybe you’re having difficulty with intercourse
  • Or maybe you’re constipated
  • Struggling With Incontinence, going to the restroom frequently or leaking
  • Dealing With A Prolapse, feeling pressure or pain in your pelvis
  • Wanting To Heal A Diastasis
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Vaginismus
  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS
  • Maybe your healing from birth, either vaginal or cesarean

A Pelvic Expert Physical Therapist focuses on getting to the root cause of your issues..
These are all things that a pelvic expert physical therapist can really help you with
you might be a little bit scared.

We find that it takes people like 9 to 15 times to get referred to pelvic floor before they actually go to physical therapy for their pelvic floor.

I want to just clear the air and really discuss what the initial visit for a pelvic expert physical therapist looks like. So a pelvic expert physical therapist will do a deep consultation with you
and kind of explore your whole history from your athletic history, your birth history, any injuries or surgeries you may of had,

They’ll do a full assessment externally from your neck, your back, looking at your whole skeleton, your alignment, your posture and really correlating what they’re seeing with your symptoms and really where you want to be.

Whether that’s you want to run a marathon without hip pain or you want to get pregnant, heal from birth, eliminate joint pain or stop struggling with leaks. There is so much we can help with!

So when it comes down to the actual internal examination, this is typically done intravaginally.
So what that means is through the vaginal opening, a pelvic floor physical therapist is going to look not just at the internal structures, but they’ll look at the external structures so they might ask you to contract your pelvic floor or we say do whatever you think a Kegel is now relax your pelvic floor and then they might say bulge like you’re trying to fart and we always tell people it’s okay if you fart and that’s good because we’re asking you to do that, even though it sounds silly.

I want to note that Pelvic Floor Experts are professionals. Our goal is to help you and there is nothing we haven’t seen. Oftentimes people are self conscious about issues related to our sexual organs but we are compassionate and here to help we don’t care if you haven’t shaved or if you’re on your period or anything like that. We are human too and would never judge natural human conditions. We want to talk to you about sex, bowel movements, leaking, period pain the list goals on. Our goal is to support women so they can live active confident healthy lives without the need for medications or surgeries and if patients hold back vital information because they’re self conscious we can’t fix the problem.

To continue the pelvic floor is three layers. We have our vagina, anus, urethra and clitoris.
In regards to the anus we’re reviewing bowel health and bowel function,
When we’re looking at vaginal health is going to be all things related to intercourse in childbirth. Then urethra is going to be your urinary system. With the clitoris were
wondering can you have an orgasm, and experience sexual pleasure? Is that orgasm painful or does it take time for the orgasm to leave your body?

So we’re looking at all different pieces and we’re exploring your history.
And then we’re correlating that to what we’re finding from your physical examination.
So the therapist will also insert a finger vaginally and look at these superficial muscles.

Three layers to the pelvic floor. So a therapist will explore the muscles,  look for adhesions, trigger points, scar tissue, anywhere they feel tightness. They’re looking at the quality of the muscle. Does it feel soft and squishy and healthy and can a contract relax and bulge can it do that? From the superficial layers and the deep layers they’re looking at all of these pieces
and really figuring out how we can help you.

So a healthy happy pelvic floor is pain-free, you might feel some pressure points,
but you won’t feel pain, now if there’s some scar tissue it can often feel like burning or some people say like a fingernail and that’s more of the fascial structures being stretched or the scars being stretched and so people will use those words to describe that here.
But those are what most people feel after they’re done with a pelvic floor examination. They’ll feel relief and they’ll feel good.

None of this is done without the patient consent and if at any point the patient is uncomfortable or wants to stop, then we stop. There are many things that we can help you with even without treating these internal muscles but much of the time getting a pelvic floor assessment will allow you to get to the root cause of whatever you’re experiencing whether that be low back pain or hip pain or you know leaking urine.


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