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Are You Making These Common Pelvic Health Mistakes

There are a few lifestyle habits that we do almost automatically that can actually affect the pelvic floor in a negative way. Here are some of the common pelvic health mistakes we see:

  1. Relying on Kegel’s to “strengthen your pelvic floor”
  2. Straining to push out poop
  3. Peeing as soon as you feel the urge
  4. Decreasing your water intake to limit the trips you have to take to the restroom
  5. Accepting that leaks happen and just wearing a pad or dark pants
  6. Constantly sucking in

The pelvic floor is the foundation of your core strength and many of these habits seem harmless enough but the key to a strong pelvic floor is GOOD PRESSURE.

So avoid straining while using the restroom and stop doing Kegel’s in my time as a Pelvic Floor PT there have been less than 5 clients that actually needed to do Kegel’s most people need to learn to relax these muscles so that they can regain their full range of motion. A tight pelvic floor can increase the urge to use the restroom, cause constipation and leaking. Here’s a helpful video on how to do a diaphragmatic breath. this type of breathing is helpful to do during bowel movements.

Hydration is key to the health of these muscles so continue to hydrate appropriately and if you get the urge to pee try to delay it 15 minutes, if we empty our bladders as soon as we feel the urge it actually decreases the bladder capacity so to restore that HYDRATE + HOLD IT.

These tips will help with leaking as well, restoring good pressure and keeping these muscles hydrated will decrease the acidity of your urine which will decrease the urge to go. The pelvic floor muscles will regain their range of motion so that when you cough or sneeze you can contract these muscle from a relaxed state vs. trying to contract a muscle that is already tight.

If you implement these tips and still have symptoms reach out! Our Pelvic Experts can do manual therapy on your pelvic floor muscles to restore blood flow and help you connect with these essential core muscles.


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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