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Heal Your Body + Restore Your Energy After Birth

After I give birth I feel like a bag of bones and hormones. This amazing beautiful time is paired with this out of body experience for me. Now that I’ve given birth 3 times I feel like I can share my tips for restoring YOUR SENSE OF SELF.

There is no rush, there is no such thing as a bounce back, honor your emotions and give yourself grace. It takes me 18 months to start to prioritize myself again. Everyone is different!

But a few things that can benefit anyone and I’m not gonna say “sleep when the baby sleeps” because SIDE EYE! Lol

1. Hydrate, water is essential for healing.

2. Eat fiber, constipation is common postpartum and restoring a normal bathroom routine will prevent addition strain on the pelvic floor and organs.

3. Get some sunshine, this one was important for my mental health. Just sitting outside either alone or with my kiddo’s even for 5 or 10 minutes really helped me stay grounded.

4. Do this breathing exercise! It helps with stress and it helps with core strength + you can do it laying down! Watch Now

5. Don’t immediately jump back into intense exercise, I know this can be hard we want to get those endorphins and get back to that routine and YOU CAN but please get checked by a Pelvic Expert FIRST. That 6 week check in is kind of a joke if you’re not bleeding anymore they tell you that you’re free to do whatever you want BUT our organs are still heavy and the pelvic floor has been THROUGH IT so whether you had a vaginal birth or C-section come in and see where you’re body is at now. We see women 2, 5, 15 years postpartum dealing with issues that arose postpartum that they thought were normal that we could have addressed early and saved them those years of concern. Request A Free Discovery Visit With A Pelvic Expert

6. Ask for help + ALLOW others to help you. Your partner, friends, family, care team, if someone offers support it is GOOD to take it. With my first I felt like I needed to do it all but that usually just leads to resentment and burnout. Babies need socialization and as long as their safe it’s okay to take that break! Grab a snack, rest, shower whatever you need!


Allison Feldt

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