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Birth Prep Meditation

Tuning into your body is essential for birth, so often we see that once a patient arrives at the hospital there is a cascade of intervention. This can be induction, an epidural or a c-section. These interventions are not always needed birth happens in it’s own time, hospitals have standardized timelines for when things should progress and if your birth does not align with that an intervention will be suggested.
I am not saying these interventions are bad, sometimes they are medically necessary and our end goal is always a safe and healthy birth from mom and baby. I want to empower and prepare my clients to feel confident during birth. With the pain comes fear, fear leads to tension and tension can lead to a longer birth or the need for a c-section. This meditation will help you connect with your pelvic floor, visualize your birth and create a mental map which can help keep you in a parasympathetic state which regardless of if you have a c-section or a vaginal birth will help you stay in control and more present. I always say if you were being chased by a tiger your body would not let you give birth. Tuning into your breath and your body will allow you to control the stress and prevent strain on your body.
So we’re going to sink right into the meditation and you’ll be able to listen to this on replay or during your actual birth. So let me have you just go ahead and get comfortable. Wherever you find a meditative spot that’s comfortable, whether that’s laying on your side sitting with a couple pillows underneath your butt in a cross-legged position resting your hands on your knees, maybe with your pointer finger touching your thumb. Click Here To Listen To The Meditation.

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