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How To Save Your Pelvic Floor as Viruses Take Over

Well maybe he’s not stealing Christmas for you but maybe stole your thanksgiving plans.

My kids have been fighting a virus all week. And no less than 14 days ago we had the stomach flu.

Hoping my dues have been paid.

Grateful the current virus (fever, coughing and sore throat and vomiting for Jayla) haven’t caught me yet. And hoping they don’t.

Have you guys been battling the sicknesses in your house?

All I can think of when we go through these trialing weeks is

  1. How grateful I am to be the one home cuddling my babies, getting coughed on and vomited on. Happy I get to be here for all of it. and I hope you get to be there for your babies too.
  2. How incredibly taxing it is to be there for your babies and survive days on end of sick kiddos. It’s hard. It’s not for the faint of heart. And there is no real option to quit. So just know that your an amazing mom (even if by the end of the night you end up yelling at your sick kids fighting in the bath tub :()
  3. The stress that can percolate….. whether or not they need to go in to see the doctor, the half asleep nights listening for them to cry out for help. The stress is real. And our bodies tighten and hold in response to the stress. Our pelvic floors too.
  4. Those pelvic floors though? The stomach flu caught me those few weeks ago. And if you can vomit and not pee your pants, that’s incredible. I however know my prolapse can not sustain vomiting for more than a few instances. Hoping these kids current coughs don’t catch me because it will be all the more work on my pelvic floor.

If this is you, there are a few things you can do to try and save your pelvic floor as the viruses take over our homes 🙂

  1. Use your pelvic floor diaphragmatic breathing. Even if it’s just a couple of breaths. This can help mitigate the stress and keep you continent if you do catch a virus too
  2. Drink tons of water! This will help you fight the virus and will decrease the acidity of the bladder. So it can help you decrease leaking!
  3. Get in to see us once you are well. Yes, however good your pelvic floor was before the virus or your kids viruses. You experienced emotional and physical stress, the pelvic floor tightens down and held that. It’s important to help release that tightness. Yes breathing helps but more importantly having some manual pelvic floor PT can instantaneously relax the muscles and make you feel so much better physically, emotionally and energetically.

We are here for you and hope your family stays healthy, happy and joyful this holiday season.


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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