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One thing that really sets me off is hearing someone say that they went to pelvic PT in their pregnancy because they wanted to be preventative.

Then the therapist sat them on an exercise ball and had them do pelvic tilts and told them they were good to go. And “ready” for birth. Let’s just say the “prevention” they thought they were getting was anything but!

(They didn’t even check their pelvic floor to see if it was ready for birth!)

Another story I heard recently, a patient waited a few months to go to the in-network pelvic pt and was told they wouldn’t do an internal exam because they were pregnant. And they could come back afterwards for healing.

What about prevention?

What about their pelvic floor? You know that muscle that needs to stretch massively to get a baby out right?

And this is what pelvic floor PT’s are doing.

The other one I heard in the last week, a patient went to an in-network pelvic pt even though she loved seeing us but wanted to compare and hopefully get the services with insurance. Well. They are pregnant and the PT did at least look at her pelvic floor and did a very quick internal exam (that’s an actual win!). Said she needed to focus on kegels and strengthen her hips to help with birth (this is the loss! what terrible advice at this point). This woman is 35 weeks pregnant. We aren’t making strength gains by the time she delivers. Strength takes 4-8 weeks to get. She needs pelvic opening and pelvic floor stretching.

I realize this email may come across as blunt but this stuff just irritates me to my absolute core. This stuff is what is wrong with healthcare. This stuff is what is wrong with women’s health. This stuff is what is wrong with what people think they need to do to prepare for birth.

The pelvic floor needs some tender love and attention. When you do this during pregnancy, when you are laboring and pushing your muscles will know how to stretch with more ease, your pelvis will know how to open with more mobility. Your uterus won’t be pushing against a brick wall (a tight pelvic floor). And guess what? When you’re pushing you’re not just pushing a baby out, you’re also pushing your organs down.

That’s why prolapses (cystocele and rectocele) are so common postpartum. Do yourself and every pregnant person a favor. Tell them to check out our content if they’re pregnant. Gift them our birth prep online course: which is on sale click here. Have them come for some appointments. This care now can potentially prevent a c-section and a lifetime of pads and Depends for urinary incontinence (which will cost you way more sacrifice and money than some preventative pelvic PT will during pregnancy).

This care isn’t common or universal by pelvic pt’s. Which is why I say check out our content. We are the leading experts in this and I personally crafted our birth prep protocols and have seen amazing results.

This is a message I woke up to Monday Morning! This is why I know what we do is game changing:

Water broke at 8pm, got to the hospital at 9:15pm. I was at a 3cm when we arrived. Contractions were about 1 minute apart by 10:30pm. Was at 5cm by 11pm. Had absolutely intense contractions the whole time. Did get the epidural but pressure was nonstop. Seriously, I breathed him down so quickly, I could feel it. Pushed for 6 total minutes, he was out quick and had zero tearing. Big healthy boy! SO much hair! He’s sleeping, going to try to rest too. Love you and so grateful for your clinic – had the breathing in my head and just wow. 4.5 total hours from water break to baby!!!

Please reach out to set up your prenatal pelvic floor check up today. We can let you know what needs to happen for you to be ACTUALLY READY for birth.


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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