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Learn How To poop Correctly

Last week I hosted a workshop at Woodway Wellness all about “Restore Your Core + Pelvic Floor” it was so awesome to be back in front of a group of people sharing my passion. I walked away from that workshop on a high! I am always so excited to share the importance of Pelvic Floor health and it really reminded me how much information we just aren’t told. I wanted to share a few of my biggest takeaways;

1. Most people are being told by their health care provider/ Dr. Google that Kegel’s, pelvic floor contractions, are the way to a strong pelvic floor. Which is FALSE! Check out the podcast included in this email to learn more!

2. That open conversations about these essential core muscles need to happen! Especially as women the knowledge we gather gets passed to friends, family and the next generation. One of the #1 Tips I Teach To Protect Our Pelvic Floor Health is to “How To Poop” this is information you can give to your partner and your kids to help them PREVENT issues. Click Here To Watch An Exclusive Module From Our Birth Prep Program That Teaches You How To Poop, Breath Coordination + More

3. Women of all ages and lifestyles have pelvic floor concerns and most of us have a level of embarrassment and shame that we are experiencing things like leaking, pain with intimacy, constipation etc. But just because you’re friends aren’t talking about it doesn’t mean they aren’t also struggling! Especially postpartum, most women don’t want to share the hardships they’re experiencing because they are feeling insecure and want to focus on the good things but YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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