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Lube should not be essential!

Regardless of age, frequency of intimacy, number of children. Sexual organs are responsible for lubrication and should function properly. Dryness, irritation or pain with insertion, different positions or deeper thrusting are all signs of pelvic floor dysfunction.

“Sex changes after babies”

“Your sex life will never be the same”

“As you age expect things to change down there”

All of these common phrases we hear that are common BUT NOT NORMAL.

Women aren’t receiving proper healthcare and haven’t for decades and that is why we see these issues as normal.

If men experienced pain during sex the solution would be posted on every billboard and newstation.

Pelvic floor therapy is prevalent in most European countries because they recognize that birth has a huge impact on a woman’s body.

They recognize that the pelvic floor is an essential group of muscles responsible for waste, sexual and mobility functions.

Yes our hormones change as we age but most of the women struggling with vaginal dryness also never received proper support postpartum. Even if they never gave birth, women hold stress in their pelvic floor muscles which leads to a dehydration of those muscles and a loss of coordination. That combination is directly related to; incontinence, pain with intimacy, constipation, back pain, hip pain and knee pain. All of which are treated with medications with a list of side effects or surgeries that lead to more scar tissue and further dysfunction.

This is a cycle we are on a mission to break! Let’s stop putting a band aid on wounds that are more than skin deep. The pelvic floor is a contributing force to so many daily functions, movement, waste, sex, birth, posture and is truly the root of your core strength.

You know that feeling when you’ve done too many ab workouts and every movement is painful? That shows you how truly crucial your core system is and when we look internally and know that the pelvic floor is also responsible for urine and feces leaving the body and for holding in your internal organs. That’s a lot of responsibility for a system that’s symptoms of dysfunction are typically ignored.

If you are ready to support your core and prevent further issues request a Free Discovery Visit with one of our Pelvic Expert Physical Therapists!


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