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Natural Treatment To Prepare Your Body For A Vaginal Delivery

The more that you prepare your body for a vaginal delivery, the more likely it is that you will have a vaginal delivery with less complications, trauma and lasting injuries. It’s no secret…. Well maybe it is a little bit of a secret but when you carry a baby for 9-10months and then have to push said baby out of your body. There is a massive impact on your muscles, your skin and your VAGINA!

Let’s skip over all the changes that happen in the body during pregnancy and lets just talk about the aftermath of pushing a baby out of a vagina.

When you push a baby out without prepping your body these things usually happen:

  1. Perineal Tearing (tearing inside and outside the vagina)
  2. Hours of Unnecessary Pushing
  3. Pelvic organ prolapse (you’re not just pushing your baby out of your uterus, you are pushing your bladder down, your rectum out. And many times, those organs stay lower than where they started)
  4. Emergency C-section
  5. Other Interventions that further impact the vagina and pelvic floor negatively (vacuum, forceps, ect)

Women that prep their bodies and pelvic floor for birth are let in on a little secret.

Do you want to know what that is?

They can actually control some piece of their birth!

They are empowered and learn about what their body needs to be able to do and exactly HOW to do that. They learn before they are actually in labor.

Do you want to know why Body Motion Moms have over a 90% success rate of vaginal deliveries?

It’s because they invest in the prevention of Prepping their body and pelvic floor for birth.

Can I let you in on a secret? We see so many women from other pelvic floor PTs who once their back pain was gone in pregnancy, they got sent home.

Let me tell you something you can not afford not to hear.

Getting Pelvic Floor PT in pregnancy from another physical therapist, ESPECIALLY if they are not spending time stretching your pelvic floor….. IT IS NOT GOING TO HELP YOU PREP FOR BIRTH.

If they give you Kegel’s RUN the other way. IT IS NOT GOING TO HELP YOU PREP FOR BIRTH.

If they tell you they don’t believe in doing internal work during pregnancy. IT IS NOT GOING TO HELP YOU PREP FOR BIRTH.

Insurance doesn’t pay for prevention. So if you think you’re going to go in-network and use your insurance to prep for birth and get pelvic floor PT. I am going to tell you IT IS NOT GOING TO HELP YOU PREP FOR BIRTH.

Body Motion has pioneered birth prep methods that actually work. That actually helps women have an average of 30 min push times across the board… And yes, that’s even for first time moms.

Our methods are tested clinically and we stand by our protocols.

If you hesitate on making the time to invest in yourself NOW. Then you could get stuck on paying a hefty c-section bill. You could get stuck losing time and money postpartum, having to pay for extensive pelvic floor therapy. This is time away from your baby and this is a time commitment. Not to mention your return to intercourse could suffer massively. Your return to the gym and your fitness plan will take much longer.

Our moms who prepare for their birth suffer way less damage to their perineum.

I evaluated a mom 2 weeks ago, who came to us for 8 sessions during her pregnancy. Her baby came out with her hand on her head, meaning that she  had to push the hand and head out at the same time. Well she was able to push this baby out in under 20 minutes but she did end up with a tear around her urethra and in her labia because of the baby’s hand. Well when I evaluated her at 12 weeks, I couldn’t even find her scar tissue! That’s right, her tears healed so fast…

Do you want to know why?

Her pelvic floor was so prepared for birth that the muscle had so much blood flow and the pelvic floor was so strong.

We will still help her pelvic floor rebuild and get her core strength back up but if this would have happened to any other mom who hadn’t prepped her pelvic floor we could have been talking about massive stitches, massive scar tissue, lots of pain and a long long recovery process.

I can’t tell you how important this work is. And you truly have to experience it yourself to know that it works. But we have endless stories of moms who have been through the time tested Body Motion Birth Prep Protocols.


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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