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Pelvic Floor Resets MUST DO’s

Did you know that some people who call themselves Pelvic Floor PT’s might not do the internal work for you that is so life changing and may not do it every single session….

Last week I got to see Theresa for a pelvic reset and it was probably the most amazing internal pelvic work I have had. I am unsure if it’s because I just needed it so badly, my body was ready to receive it or that she is just that good.

After I had pneumonia my prolapse was really symptomatic. At one point I felt it was out of my body. Talk about scary, not to mention constantly peeing my pants and pelvic pressure. Well over the last week, it felt so much better. My husband and I started having more sex (which always helps my prolapse and helps my pelvic floor in general). Sometimes people are scared to have sex with a prolapse but besides pelvic PT, it is one of the best things you can do for a prolapse.

I digress, my prolapse was feeling better, the pressure was better and the incontinence was better, yet still slightly there with sneezes. So I thought my pelvic floor must be healing… that was until I got on Theresa’s table today.

Wow, she hit spots that I had no idea were so tight. Stuff that referred to my tail bone, my pubic bone and more. It was beyond relieving. Like I had a natural pressure released in my body and all the sudden I could breathe deep again. Yes it was that magical.

I needed to share this with you so you can give yourself the same experience I just had. In my opinion there is no better way to go into the new year. Honestly, I have more work to do and today was just the start of the pressure release and I can’t wait to continue in the following weeks.

We know how life changing pelvic work is and that’s why we advocate so hard for every single woman to receive this type of work, if she hopes to have babies, is pregnant or has ever had babies. Dare I say, maybe if she just has a vagina period! Get you some pelvic floor work!

Physically it heals scar tissue, adhesion, improves muscle function and makes you have a really strong core along with having a super healthy GI system. (I had the best bowel movement after my session with Theresa… nothing is TMI here).

Emotionally, mentally and spiritually pelvic work heals. It heals trauma, it heals your soul. It allows you to become the embodied woman that you were meant to be.

Pelvic work is a skill. Mastered by people who usually have an incredible mentor and or teacher. That’s why everyone at body motion PT has gone through extensive mentorship to practice within body motion. Pelvic work and healing isn’t just done by anyone who calls themselves a pelvic PT. Lord knows we see many clients who have “tried Pelvic PT” in the past that haven’t worked.

What we do is so different.

You show up every session and we unlock new layers of the onion that is your body that is your pelvic floor. The layers of trauma and compensatory patterns that develop from having kids, from raising kids, from stress, from living.

This is why we offer any woman who has gone through our healing method to stay on as a monthly member. It’s so important to keep our bodies progressing, to keep improving. I may have forgotten this value until I got back on the table this week.


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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