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Pelvic Floor Wellness Is The Gateway To Being The Healthiest Version Of Yourself

Pelvic floor wellness is your gateway to being the healthiest version of yourself. Treating the pelvic floor internally and externally does many things:

  • Improved blood flow
  • Improves pleasure
  • Increases your core strength
  • Eliminates internal tension
  • Improves bowel movements

Prevention is key to longterm health! Knowing where your body is now and getting that awareness will help you prevent issues in the years to come. Pelvic Floor work shouldn’t just be started when you can’t laugh without peeing your pants or an organ is falling out of your body and it’s not just for postpartum!

Some common FAQ’s include:

“Can I come in if I’m on my period?”

Yes! Absolutely, it comes with the territory… (lol see what I did there, just a little pelvic floor humor) it’s super beneficial for a Pelvic Expert to see how your pelvic floor is at all stages of your cycle including during menstruation. We have bed pads and wipes to help. But of course if you aren’t comfortable we are more than happy to reschedule your appt.

“What if penetration is super painful for me?”

All of our treatment is consent based and is done with a gloved finger. If that is too uncomfortable we have protocols in place to still help you! Relaxation is key and we are more than happy to hold off on internal treatment and help educate how to relax those muscles so down the line internal work is tolerable.

“How private are the rooms?”

Very private, we have heard unusual cases of people getting Pelvic Floor work done behind curtains in large gym style areas. Our rooms are separated and it’s just you and the provider. We also have sound machines to ensure that anything you say stays between you and the expert.

“Can my partner come with?”

Yes! Whether it’s for a cultural, religious, comfortability or curiosity based reason we are more than happy to have your partner join you at your session.

“I had a c-section should I still get Pelvic Floor work done?”

Yes! A C-section is a major surgery that cuts through 7 layers of muscle and fascia. Scar tissue is a big proponent in pelvic floor dysfunction. Plus birth isn’t the only contributing factor to pelvic floor dysfunction. Pregnancy and carrying baby make significant changes to your pelvic floor.

“Why isn’t this standard care? I didn’t know about this till now?”

We wonder the same thing! It’s our mission to change the standard of care in America. Pelvic Floor Work is essential for everyone!


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