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Postpartum Healing; Restore Your Core

“Do you feel frumpy, have low energy, riding the postpartum funk wave and think that all you need is to get your diet on track and get back to the gym so you can feel like yourself again? Or find that energy you are longing for? This doesn’t even include the brain fog that you may be longing to clear.”

This is literally what I have caught myself thinking for the last 3 months since Jayla was born. I am right there with you. But what if I told You this thought process is WRONG. And this mindset actually can and does have negative effects.This mindset of women all over the world who have just had babies is what can lead to years of back pain, years of incontinence, years of problems in their pelvis. And there is simply one reason why.You must heal and restore your core (organs, muscles, scar tissue) after having babies before your ready to “hit it hard” and get back to the routines you love.I am unwavering about my passion in regards to helping women heal after babies to stop the cycles of lifelong chasing of pains and to prevent the issues that show up 5 and 20 years down the line. This is why I wrote the book “Restore Your Body After Kids: The Secret To Avoid Peeing Your Pants and Achy Joints As You Age”

Request A Free 30 Minute Discovery Visit with a Pelvic Expert PT to find out how to break the cycle and where exactly to start. This is 100% for recently postpartum moms up to 5 years. It’s not too late to get your core in shape and ready to slip into any new routine your aiming for in the new future without giving yourself a diastasis, pelvic organ prolapse, hurting your back, knees and hips.These are extremely important things to know before you strive to hit your New Years goals and more. 

Getting your core in shape does not start with going to your local gym to start strengthening, and it does not start with getting back to your Pilates or barre classes, it also doesn’t start by following some social media influencers exercises on social platforms or YouTube. Come find out exactly how to restore your core and where to start postpartum to heal your body. Be ready for wherever you want your life, mind and body to be within the next year. The physical tools and mindset are all you need to know to start on the right path of healing your core after babies.


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

"We Help Women Through Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum and Beyond So They Can Live Active, Confident, Healthy Lives Without The Need For Medication Or Surgery"

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