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This Is An Excerpt From Dr. Allison Feldt’s, PT, DPT Book That Will Be Out Early Summer
My friend and patient Ashley recently gave birth to her third child. According to her, this pregnancy was her most difficult. She experienced excruciating lower back and hip pain that was not present in her other two pregnancies…

On top of this, she was entrenched in motherhood, chasing around her children, which became near impossible as her pain became more and more consuming. It was hard to see a dear friend dealing with this sort of pain. So, when she decided to come see a pelvic expert physical therapist who happened to be an expert in treating scar tissue from previous pregnancies, I was ecstatic for her. We not only reduced her scar tissue, but also helped build her musculature in order to help combat her pelvis spreading and the loosening of her ligaments. Through the physical therapy, she was able to conquer quite a bit of her pain so that she could actually enjoy her third trimester. An added benefit being that she had a much easier time healing after her pregnancy, as well. In the end, she was able to relax and bulge her pelvic floor in order to effectively push her baby out during her vaginal delivery because her pelvic floor was in a healthy state. This was effectively the first delivery where she didn’t have any tearing!I like to use Ashley’s experience to show just how stark a difference there is between a pregnancy where no professional assistance is used to facilitate healing and one that has. Breaking up that scar tissue and caring for your core muscles is only scratching the surface of the steps we can take to ensure that you are ready for the next step in your journey. This next step, for many people, is riddled with opportunities to misstep. You are dealing with so much on both the physical and emotional ends of the spectrum, that it can become easy to fall into one of the more common traps, preventing you from getting help and ultimately, impeding the rebuilding phase


Allison Feldt

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