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Prepare For Pregnancy And Birth To Improve Your Postpartum Experience And Reduce The Healing Time

Prepare for pregnancy and birth to improve your postpartum experience and reduce the healing time while you’re juggling life with a newborn. Postpartum is a whole new experience especially when it’s your first baby. Even if you’ve had children before it can be even harder the second or third time because your body has already been through birth and there may be issues that weren’t addressed prior to pregnancy.

Preparing for birth looks like; addressing any scar tissue in your belly or pelvic floor to make sure that your core has all the blood flow it needs to stay strong. Learning how to safely move as your belly grows, coordinating your pelvic floor muscles with your breath so you can use those muscles to push the baby out, instead of straining your body and forcing the baby out which can lead to birth injuries. Also getting the hip and butt muscles loosened up because when you’re pregnant those muscles are usually tight and can make it hard for your body to relax and open up to let the baby out.

It’s a myth that Kegel’s help with birth and oftentimes that’s the one thing people know about the pelvic floor. We want to share the importance of this muscle group, not just in birth but in overall health long term.The pelvic floor is responsible for birth, bathroom functions and supporting the core and absorbing the force we create during our daily life.

What does an unhealthy pelvic floor look like? Leaking pee or poop, can’t hold in a fart. Pain or discomfort with sex, vaginal dryness, pressure or pain in the vagina or anus. A weak core, back, hip and knee pain. Imagine dealing with a couple or all of these issues simultaneously? The pelvic floor is an essential muscle group and when it’s not working right the body makes up for it and those modifications are what leads to the joint replacements, surgeries and pills later in life.

Here At Body Motion We Offer A Prenatal Package That Includes:

  • Pelvic Floor Preparation For Delivery
  • Pelvic Opening Techniques To Help Improve Labor And Delivery
  • Techniques That Help Improve The Healing Afterbirth
  • Decrease The Likelihood Of A C-Section
  • A Personalized Safe Exercise Program
  • Proper Body Mechanics For Maneuvering Your Newborn
  • Breastfeeding Techniques To Protect Your Neck And Spine
  • Complimentary Postpartum Screen At 6 Weeks To Help Assess Your Healing
  • Breathing Techniques To Improve Health In Pregnancy And Labor

Working with a Pelvic Expert Physical Therapist allows you to prepare for birth and make sure that you’re addressing physical issues that may arise during pregnancy so you can go into birth with confidence.


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Body Motion Physical Therapy

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