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That Pregnancy Weight

What is harder than losing the post pregnancy weight?


You have a new stress (a magical little one) but still an additional life to protect, nourish and comfort.
You are not getting the 8 hours of sleep that you thrive off of.

You are busy managing your house hold.

You are working.

You are attempting to manage and nurture the important friendships around you and avoid neglecting the best ones.

You have suffered birth injuries or changes that are limiting your ability to kick your weight loss routine into high gear.

And the list goes on….. You might just wait to try to get in shape once you’re done having kids because you are pretty sure you will have another baby so might as well wait until your completely done to tackle the weight.

So where to start?Breath.

Nothing changes overnight and so the best way to start to changes to your body and weight is not to catapult into a full on new routine, diet program ect.

Start by breathing so you can establish and think about why it is so important to lose that weight. And so you can manage the cortisol (stress hormone, that does not assist in the weight loss process) Breathing is a great way to connect to your body, manage stress and allow for reflection. 

SO, If weight is THE only goal once you get there will we be happy? Honestly, how many times have I said it myself, once I get down to 140lbs then I will be happy. That’s just not the case because I have done that and it didn’t work even before I had babies. 

Now with a family of my own the importance of sharing healthy habits and imprinting those habits onto my kids is the utmost importance. The thing is, jumping into a high intensity boot camp 3 months after having my son, truly did not support my postpartum body. So changing my goals into supporting my changed body (that created and carried two kids in two years) has now been my focus…. With supporting my body the weight will come off.

The utmost important thing before jumping into a post pregnancy workout and diet routine is to make sure your body is ready for it. You want to prevent injuries and stop injuries sustained in childbirth from worsening.

I have written a Post Partum Checklist, that I highly recommend you download for FREE before jumping into some routine. Just click here!


Allison Feldt

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