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The Health Care System Is Failing Postpartum Women

I am writing this mad so bear with me. We had a client come in today for an Initial Evaluation a really sweet gal who is 2 years postpartum and is currently pregnant and is suffering with really bad low back pain. She had an emergency C-section 2 years ago and wants to try for a VBAC but is really worried she won’t be able to because she’s already struggling and has weeks to go. She shared with us that she had gone in for Pelvic PT when she was first postpartum 2 years ago and was told that she needed to lose weight, that because she had a c-section the issue wasn’t pelvic floor related and was not given an internal exam AT ALL.

She has spent the last two years working out, WITH BACK PAIN because she was trying to prepare for birth and wanted to heal her back pain first. When the weight came off and she was still struggling with the pain she figured that it was just normal and has just been depending on chiropractic and massages for when it gets unbearable. Her and her husband wanted their children to be close in age so they decided it was time to try for baby #2. Now 20 weeks pregnant even her chiro and massages aren’t helping like they used to and a friend gave her our information.

This woman has been in pain for the first two years of her child’s life. She has had to navigate working full time, being a mom and her workout routine in hopes of finding relief. She has spent hundreds of dollars on relief which doesn’t last and lived in fear of having another baby because she didn’t know that her Pelvic Floor was affected by her c-section and her constant workouts were actually making it worse. She was body shamed by a health care provider who didn’t know what they were talking about and they are the perceived authority so she suffered for YEARS.

These stories are why I started Body Motion Physical Therapy. These women are why I have spent years creating exclusive protocols that gives real results, why I have shadowed leading experts, taking dozens of courses ,stay up reading new research articles absorbing any and all new information so my practice and our providers are able to change lives. We don’t depend on electrodes, biofeedback machines, x-rays or Physical Therapy assistants to do the work that will eliminate the pain and restore the pelvic floor muscles so the core is optimized.

You can have a strong core at any size, c-sections are a major surgery that DEFINITELY affects the pelvic floor and any Pelvic Floor PT that doesn’t do internal work is not qualified to treat you.


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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