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Tight Pelvic Floor Is An Unhealthy Pelvic Floor

A healthy pelvic floor can relax, contract and bulge. Most women think if they’re not leaking their pelvic floor is healthy. But pelvic floor dysfunction can show up in unexpected ways like really unexpected. For example neck pain can be connected to a tight pelvic floor. Yeah neck pain is connected to the pelvic floor! But you may be thinking a tight pelvic floor=healthy! Nope.

A tight pelvic floor is usually the reason someone is having issues. Yeah you read that right, all that marketing we see about tightening your pelvic floors is misguided. We see this case often when someone is leaking and has a pelvic organ prolapse so they do 100’s a Kegel’s a day and when that doesn’t work they go to the doctor and get a prescription for incontinence and their doctor suggests surgery to repair their prolapse.

More recently people are starting to get referred for pelvic floor PT but not all PT’s rely on internal manual therapy like the providers here at Body Motion. Our therapy helps you restore your body so that you don’t have to rely on medications or surgeries or tools to eliminate pelvic floor dysfunction.

We see patients who go to Pelvic Floor PT and they receive biofeedback or sit on an Emsella chair and then their issues persist, they do their exercises, cut out bladder irritants and still struggle so the surgeries and medications look more appealing.

But the key to eliminating pelvic floor issues is the internal manual therapy addressing the root of the issue and not just one internal assessment. Our clients often come in weekly for AT LEAST 8 weeks to get internal manual therapy. This allows these muscles to receive the care they need.

No life long lasting change is going to happen after a single hands on treatment. Just like you won’t get abs after one workout. So if you or someone you know doesn’t think Pelvic PT works and is considering surgery so they can get their pelvic floor strength back please encourage them to come and see us! Medications and surgeries come with side effects so the first step should be holistic pelvic floor PT!


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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