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Top 3 Pelvic Floor Exercises You Need…Not Kegel’s!

When you hear Physical Therapy most people think of exercises. So when people hear Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy they think it’s just Kegel’s since that’s the only pelvic floor exercise most of us have ever heard of. I wanted to share a beginners guide to pelvic floor exercises so I will be sharing 3 exercises I encourage most of our patients to include in their routine. BONUS they can all be done in bed!

These exercises may seem easy to your but THEY WORK. Here’s Why;

1. Diaphragmatic breathing, helps restore a natural normal core pressure. It helps to recoordinate the pelvic floor and diaphragm. Lastly when our lungs are full they push the diaphragm down which helps bulge the pelvic floor muscles which most of us need because it’s the opposite of a contraction aka Kegel. If you don’t know my clinical experience with Kegel’s and why they don’t work check out this blog, Read The Anti Kegel Diet Blog Here

2. Transverse Abdominal Contractions These are not Kegel’s The T.A. is a muscles that wrap across the front of the belly a contraction of this muscle is what you would do to put on a tight pair of jeans. This is a great exercise to do during pregnancy and postpartum because it can help prevent or heal ab separation.

3. Bridges are great at helping pelvic organs that may be sitting a bit lower during pregnancy or postpartum return to their proper places it also helps restore glute strength.

Just A Disclaimer If You’re Having Any Back Pain, Less Than 6 Weeks Postpartum or Anticipate Having Any Discomfort Doing Any Of These Movements Reach Out To Your Health Care Provider Prior To Beginning.


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