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Why Everyone Needs A Pelvic Wellness Check

Going to the doctor annually to check your heart health, blood pressure and vitals is part of the American way of life. Yes we don’t always do that. But for the most part we know we are supposed to.

I can not recommend how important it is to bring your body to a Pelvic Expert Physical Therapist Annually.

You may think, my vagina feels okay. I don’t pee my pants. Sex is good, orgasms are great. Bowel movements happen daily and are easy for me to get out without straining. Your back feels great, Your hips feel awesome.

That’s all great.

That was exactly what one woman told me this week.


She also exercises and eats healthy. And along with taking care of her body. She wanted to get her pelvic floor check. She hasn’t had kids yet but wants them within the next three years. She had some friends that came to Body Motion so she knew she just wanted to test it out and develop a relationship now because she conceived. She wasn’t expecting to find anything but she was really interested to learn what this “Pelvic Internal Balance and Work” were all about.

She also reported that she tries to occasionally do kegels but can’t really “feel them” in her words, so she wasn’t sure exactly what we would find or if this would be beneficial.

Let me share my findings with you.

She just finished her period and the uterus is definitely heavier when menstruating which puts more pressure on the bladder itself. This can push the bladder down into the vaginal canal. This is what causes some people to only have incontinence (peeing their pants) during their period.

Anyways, During my exam, I opened the labia and saw a bulge of tissue, I wasn’t expecting to find this in this woman who is in her late 20s. She is young and doesn’t have kids. She works out a lot and takes good care of her body.

So what was this tissue, I wanted to get clear on what I saw. I inserted a gloved finger, to begin my exam and treatment, and it was her anterior wall of the vagina, which is called a cystocele, so her bladder was coming down into her vaginal canal. She couldn’t feel this.

So I had to tread lightly and tell her that her bladder had descended a little bit. She then asked “oh that must be why I feel some pressure there during menstruation.” And yes that is exactly why. So I started to treat and open up the superficial layers of the muscles and also spend time doing some mobilization of the clitoris that can help improve her orgasms. She loves her orgasms but she says they are often hard to achieve.

Then went into the second layer, released the fascia and ligament and then I worked my way to the third layer which was extremely elevated and kinked off. For lack of a better term. there is no wonder her bladder had no space to remain in her body. Her pelvic floor was literally squeezing her bladder out.

We did some long releases that weren’t painful and actually felt kind of good for the patient. At the end of the treatment, I re-opened her labia to see if I could see her bladder.

Magically (with this pelvic balancing and work) it went immediately back into place and I could not see it.

So where do we go from here?

We have to teach her how to check in with her pelvic floor so she can do pelvic opening and achieve the lengths needed throughout her day.

I failed to mention that she is also a professional yoga instructor and does a lot of breath work. But clearly her breath wasn’t being sent or coordinated to her pelvic floor, for adequate pelvic opening.

So she will benefit from a couple follow up sessions to help continue to overstretch and balance these muscles to find a better length within the pelvic bowl, so that these muscles can be healthy and able to hold the bladder in and not push it out.

I also had her stop doing kegels for now and to spend 5 minutes per day doing diaphragmatic breathing to help open her vagina.

Here is the exact exercises I gave her:

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Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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