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Why Internal Pelvic Floor PT Cannot Be Overlooked During Your Pregnancy and How It Is Single Handedly The Most Important Aspect In Preparing For Delivery

You may have heard of pelvic pt for birth but then the PT doesn’t spend time treating the pelvic floor during pregnancy. They only evaluate it.c and tell you to learn how to relax it and maybe bulge but that’s it. Our holistic pelvic floor birth prep is essential and completely different from any other clinic in the area because we spend time to bring your pelvic floor muscles to new lengths during your pregnancy. What will this do for you? It will allow you to barely have to push when you feel your baby coming. What does that mean? You could save yourself a slew of interventions, including a C-section if you can get your pelvic floor in this type of shape.

Some people have asked about my opinion of the epi-no for stretching the pelvic floor to prepare for birth. First and foremost we have to recognize that in the US, that product is not FDA approved. Second, all that it does is provide a general stretch. The magic of working with a Body Motion Pelvic Floor Expert is that we isolate the individual muscles of your pelvic floor and will truly stretch the ones that need to be stretched. We will release scar tissue that could have been from a pelvic infection or previous delivery, we will release adhesions that can develop in the muscles from chronic tightening or stress. This can’t be done with a device. And it does truly take an expert to do this. That is why we are so adamant that if you are pregnant, no other insurance PT or any other PT for that matter will carry out the prenatal protocols that we do.

If you want to save money, by saving yourself time and costly interventions in the hospital then you should absolutely come and work with us. Not only can we help prevent the risk of c section but we can absolutely enhance and expedite your ability to heal after the baby by simply preparing the muscles of the pelvis and bones and ligaments too!

The women we see during pregnancy, when they come for their postpartum check up, you simply can not tell they have had a baby.

I wish I had this access and developed this program for my first baby. The fact is, even though I was a pelvic pt back then no one was treating or doing the protocols that I have developed as standard of practice for body motion. That is why we are simply the best at birth prep and pelvic floor rehab. And I don’t feel bad telling you that. Because I have had clients who decided to use insurance PT when they were pregnant and then they come postpartum upset with themselves that they didn’t just come here in the first place, because we are “so different” than that other pelvic floor PT. I don’t share this to be cocky or flaunt how good we are. I share this because I know what’s out there. I have heard every story you can imagine. And I know; no other clinic does pelvic floor rehab like body motion does. And we want to save you precious time and money so you don’t have to go down the rabbit hole of treatments that don’t work.


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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