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Years Of Improper Footwear Wrecks Havoc On Your Joints

With Spring upon us my family and I have been going on lots of walks and it’s somewhat of a feat nowadays; with a stroller for my youngest the two older on bikes or scooters plus a dog in tow it is quite a sight!

But the one thing that allows these hikes through our neighborhood to happen isn’t the stroller or the abundance of snacks, it’s my shoe inserts.

I know that sounds a bit dramatic but honestly since I started using Footlevelers custom orthotics I don’t struggle with knee pain, even during my last pregnancy my foot size didn’t change and I didn’t have any low back or knee pain. Especially now that I’ve gotten back into lifting it really gives me peace of mind knowing that I’m not damaging my joints wearing improper shoes.

Most of us went through a phase of wearing flip flops, ballet flats, heels or those gladiator sandals and it gets to a point in the day when you regret it. You feel the pressure, the burning, the soreness and you start walking like a baby deer. Those years of improper footwear wrecks havoc on your joints and your body will do what it does best, COMPENSATE.

The force and pressure that your feet would usually take travels up the body to the knees, then to the hips, pelvic floor and back and after awhile that compensation becomes permanent because your feet are your foundation and without supporting the three arches in your foot they will be destroyed overtime forcing your joints and pelvic floor to take the brunt of the force you’re exerting everyday.

I bought a Footlevelers scanner for my clinic because 8/10 women I was seeing for pelvic floor physical therapy were also struggling with knee or foot pain. They had to stop their favorite exercises and were convinced that slowing down was just part of motherhood. But it’s not and motherhood is very demanding in every way mentally, physically and emotionally. I know for myself when I don’t feel capable physically it affects how I show up mentally and emotionally.

The best part about our custom orthotics scanner is it will tell us how vital orthotics are for you, it can determine which of your legs to bearing for weight and it will suggest inserts that work with the shoes you love. Taking care of your joints doesn’t mean wearing dad shoes and not feeling your footwear these inserts can go into day to day sneakers, boots, gym shoes they even make options for dress shoes and custom flip flops.

P.S. Orthotics also help with posture so you can stand tall and avoid straining your neck and back.


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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