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A little food for thought this morning.When you finished your schooling at whatever level and then got a job and started making money. 

Did you spoil yourself? Buy fun athletic clothes, sign up for races or bar crawls, go out for dinners, have a few gym memberships, get your hair done, maybe your lashes and nails too, get massages and facials, stop in for a wax job? 

Maybe some of these and maybe none of these….. the point being though, when you were doing life with just having to worry and take care of yourself, you were spending money on yourself. At some point, we stop doing this. For me it was when I had kids and I suspect that’s the case for many moms. 

It honestly took me about until Kaneo (my second baby, was 3 years old) that I started giving myself permission to spend on me again, to take care of me again. This looked like a membership to Orange Theory, buying a couple professional courses I always wanted to take, updating my wardrobe (that was about 4 sizes larger than pre pregnancy with him). What I am trying to tell you here, is I literally had to train myself to spend money on me again. 

I had to believe that I was worth it. I will tell you investing in myself has only brought more goodness my way. And this is simply because when I invested in myself, I started feeling really really good. My kids absolutely felt this and so did my husband.

I share this message because I meet with so many moms every month that haven’t given themself that permission yet. And once you start giving yourself that permission, your life will change. You will create amazing things and your kids will feel that amazingness and shine that energy right back to you. 

I have experienced it myself and I have seen it, in all the moms who chose themselves and have had amazing transformations (mind, body and soul baby!) let’s have fun and enjoy our families and babies! (Maybe easy for me to say as I am going on 32 hours away from my kids… but this is an example of an investment in me and the biz that gives me the fulfillment and rejuvenation to show up better for them.)

With love,
Dr. Allison


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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