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What Happened in Vegas: Making the Plane Turn Around

Last Friday, I was on my way to Vegas with two co-workers, Taryn and Devyn, to attend a leadership conference. It was the first time Devyn and I had brought someone with us to a conference. Devyn came to her first one with me in March 2020 in New Orleans, right before the world shut down…

That Friday was a regular day; I didn’t work as I prepped and planned out all the kid things I needed to to make the weekend successful for my husband and the babysitter. I got my workouts in. I had a session with Theresa at Body Motion to get some recovery in. It was a super intense session, where I had to go to my breath multiple times to make it through. After that, I did a red light session but could only do 15 minutes. I was feeling off.

I walked around the block, and then we headed for the airport.

I told Taryn in the car that my mindset is simple when I go to a conference. If you learn one thing or take away one thing, then that is a success. Bonus points if you get more than that. I like to take this mindset to whatever experience I am having, as it truly lowers the pressure of each trip. I also told Taryn that your biggest lesson here may be pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and leaving the comfort of your home for two days, getting in an Uber, airplane, and hotel with your co-workers. For anyone, going to these conferences for the first time can be very intimidating. It wasn’t lost on me that she probably had similar thoughts about attending these that I had at the beginning of exploring conferences.

“What are people going to think of me?” I tackled this objection to her over the last week as it’s irrelevant what people think of her; most people are more concerned about what you think of them than worrying about what they think of you.

“Am I good enough to be here?”

You get the point.

Putting ourselves out of our comfort zones is rather scary. However, some of the best growth and leveling up comes from doing exactly that.

So we arrived at the airport. I got a free first-class upgrade! We boarded the plane at Paine Field. When I was in the airport and on the plane, I didn’t have the urge to start feverishly working; this is my M.o. at airports and on planes. It’s like the best office I could ever have. That was my first red flag. The second red flag: the chicken stick I just ate, I did not enjoy. Third red flag: sitting on the plane, my pants started to feel a little tight, like I was getting slightly bloated. Nothing serious.

These were such subtle indicators something was off. I wasn’t sick. I was okay.

So the plane pulled away from the gate.

I replayed in my head about following my intuition. I spoke with Theresa more about intuition during my Body Motion Session that day, and she re-instilled how great it is that I have been leaning into that. So I reached up and pushed the call button.

Those tiny whispers were red flags. Those were my intuitive guides.

Let me tell you. It would have been much easier to ignore them. I wasn’t even sick; nothing was visibly wrong. But at the end of the day, the red flags were the nudge to listen to me to get off the plane.

The devil’s advocate here was: well, I have two co-workers on this plane. I can’t ditch them. Nothing is wrong with you, Allison; just suck it up. You have the nicest first-class seat you have ever sat in.

I could have just as quickly listened to the devil’s advocate in my brain, but instead, the flight attendants got the plane to turn around, and I walked off and back to my car. I made it home before the sickness hit.

Taryn and Devyn stayed on the plane and had a great conference. Leveling up the people around me is such an essential part of what I want our team to be constantly seeking. It’s fun to hang with people who are learning and growing. I received many messages from colleagues congratulating me on having built such a great team. To see Taryn and Devyn flourishing from afar is just really cool.

So yes, this is another story about leaning toward intuition.

Following the gut or the intuitive cues can be challenging, but they don’t let you down when you do.

I wanted to share what those intuitive cues looked like for me in this situation. They may help you identify some intuitive cues or messages in your own life.

Listening to those cues and actually taking action on those intuitive hits takes practice, repetition, and awareness. By no means am I saying I always get this right. This is a lifelong journey of learning to truly turn inward instead of outsourcing decision-making.

I hope my lessons can shed light for you to improve your life in some form or fashion.

These lessons can help guide us on our health and wellness journeys if we listen and take action.

Cheers to a healthy and fulfilled life!

Dr. Allison


Allison Feldt

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