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Core Confidence Boosts Morale In Motherhood

Pain is debilitating, it’s hard to navigate life with limited mobility,  sharp pain with each movement, even breathing can cause spasms, car rides are agony and every task takes more effort.  Our entire skeleton is supported by our core and the core is supported by the pelvic floor. These core muscles are essential in movement, that’s why it’s surprising that the focus on postpartum healing is all about losing the weight gained during pregnancy, even though 75% of women report back pain postpartum.  So why is the focus not on protecting your joints and back or restoring pelvic floor strength to help you be an active and present parent?

Popping a couple Tylenol everyday to get by can only last so long, by numbing the nerves it’s actually common to over exert yourself to only need more pain relief to get to the same dull ache. Pain is your body’s signal that something is wrong! Ignoring it leads to compensations throughout your body.
We’ve all been there, you hurt your ankle so you start putting more pressure on the opposite side only to end up with an ache on that side too. The pelvic floor and core work the same way. Yes you can get by without getting it addressed but that slight pressure and leaking during walks leads to a more substantial prolapse and more frequent leaks as you age.
Pelvic Floor Therapy is the answer. Addressing these muscles will eliminate pain, restore core strength not only in the abdominal wall but the deep internal layers providing necessary support and coordination of the core system.
Dr. Allison PT, DPT owner of Body Motion Physical Therapy, saw first hand, while working in home health, what happens without Pelvic Floor Treatment postpartum. Something our mothers and grandmothers didn’t have access to and ended up with joint replacements, incontinence and chronic pain. Drastically declining the quality of their lives in their later years. 


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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