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The Life Expectancy for Women in The United States is 81 years old, 61% of Women 65 and over suffer with Incontinence.*

So for the last 16 years of your life you could have serious issues with incontinence. NO ADULT wants to depend on others to help them use the restroom. The generations before us did not have the tools to strengthen their pelvic floor and in turn protect themselves from developing incontinence. Even today I hear all the time,
“My mom and aunts told me to expect to leak postpartum, I didn’t even know there was a way to stop it!”

Just because something is common does not make it normal! Leaking urine or stool is a sign of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and it doesn’t just go away… it gets worse. A dysfunctional pelvic floor means your core is not working correctly, this is a concern because our core acts as a force absorber for our joints. Every step, jump, sweet dance move we make exerts force on our joints. A strong core protects you from wearing out your knees, hips and back. A strong core also supports your back and can help you maintain your posture. Now is the time to be proactive!

*Statistics From CDC


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