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How To Prepare Your Pelvic Floor For Birth

​1.     Work With A Pelvic Expert At Body Motion PT

Work With A Pelvic Expert Physical Therapist To Learn How To Incorporate Safe Pushing Practice That Your Pelvic Floor Will Thank You For. Address any pain that comes up and prepare your pelvic floor.

2.     Stay Aligned

Proper alignment allows for less strain on the joints as you grow through pregnancy. Proper alignment reduces the tension in your pelvic floor and helps eliminate aches and pains; low back and hip pain are common issues during pregnancy.

3.     Advocate For Yourself

Surround yourself with positive influences, just because a provider might mention your weight or family history or the birth plan you are hoping to have or your family or friends have opinions follow your intuition and find providers who will give you compassionate care and listen to your concerns and help empower you not scare you.

4.     Plan

Planning is okay! I feel like so many of my clients are hesitant to say what they want their birth experience to be like because we hear so often my doctor my sister etc. said to just go with the flow and yes when it’s crunch time we understand that you and your babies health are the priority but there is so much that can be done to help you have a healthy, dream birth than if you just accept fate. It’s better to try and be disappointed than live with a “what if”.

5.     Breathe The Baby Out

​The Pelvic Floor And Diaphragm Have A “Perfect Pressure” When The Diaphragm Goes Down So Does The Pelvic Floor. That’s why I encourage pushing without holding your breath, those deep breaths will add pressure from the top while the pelvic floor opens which allows for a vaginal birth with less straining.


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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