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Pelvic Floor Birth Prep

One of the most essential routines I do during pregnancy is deep relaxation of my pelvic floor muscles and visualization. It is critical that we prepare these muscles and our minds for birth.

Let me explain:

Say Carrie is 24 weeks pregnant and has been struggling with incontinence and hip pain for 15 weeks, this is because Relaxin, a hormone that relaxes your joints is released in the first couple weeks of pregnancy. This makes your pelvic floor tighten to maintain stability. Affecting your joints and your pelvic floor. Most people go their entire pregnancy with these issues assuming because they’re so common that it’s “normal” or “expected”.

The pelvic floor is an amazing group of dynamic muscles that are responsible for core strength, force absorption and waste. Along with sexual function and childbirth. Being able to coordinate these muscles, which includes; contraction, also known as a Kegel, relaxation and bulging, which is necessary for vaginal birth. Not addressing these muscles that are in a constant state of tension, most women carry stress in their pelvic floor, leads to dehydrated weak muscles. Even before pregnancy pelvic floor dysfunction can be present; leaking when you cough or sneeze, run or jump, discomfort with intercourse and constipation are common signs that people often overlook.

Connecting with these muscles and optimizing them by improving blood flow and strength will help with pregnancy pains, birth and postpartum healing.

But how do you coordinate these muscles? That’s where my birth prep meditation comes in, focusing on deep diaphragmatic breaths and relaxing the pelvic floor allows you to connect with your pelvic floor and is an excellent tool for birth prep.

If you feel like you aren’t able to engage these muscles and feel your vaginal opening when you’re doing this meditation please reply to this email, I would love to give you personalized guidance so you can engage these muscles and start practicing, including this meditation in your routine will help you during active labor when the pain is present you’ll be able to rely on this practice and improve your birth experience!


Allison Feldt

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