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I have spent the last 5 years seeing the effects of these methods

What do you do when you know exactly your methods for birth prep are what is missing in society for birthing people but many many pelvic PTs refuse to give this care.

I have spent the last 5 years seeing the effects of these methods and preaching this.

I get more motivated to publish the results that we have tracked in clinic over the years

I am more motivated to trademark the body motion birth prep method than ever before.

I know in my soul that clinical results and how people present in real life matters more than clinical trials. Trails are amazing and so needed but there are inherently many flaws and unknowns that show up in research. And for the most part, studies around childbirth prep are non-existent.

The fact is, moms that come to Body Motion during pregnancy push for way less times than typical and way less than anyone we see postpartum who hasn’t come to us, and way less than anyone we see postpartum who went to another pelvic pt during pregnancy but wish they came to us.

Why is it that once doulas and nurses and obs and midwives see our clients in labor that they want to know exactly what they did because they were “so ready for birth” and their vaginas and pelvic floors didn’t experience massive trauma or have massive damage? Once they see these outcomes, they recommend us. And we are so grateful for those referrals!

Why is it that the nurses that deliver our clients’ babies travel from far away places to come to body motion when they’re experiencing their own pregnancies?

It’s because they get to see the results first hand.

I must publish our method and I must teach this method beyond body motion pelvic expert physical therapist. Many other pelvic PTs over the years have also come when they are pregnant to receive and learn these methods for birth prep.

There is one thing that you can’t make up. That the push times are short (in the range of 15-30 minutes) of moms that come for birth prep more than 8 times during pregnancy

When we evaluate the pelvic floor postpartum of a mom who came during pregnancy, her tissue is much healthier and you can not tell she has had a baby compared to moms who didn’t come to pelvic pt. What I am describing here is the quality of her tissue. It is hydrated and healthy, not , dehydrated, Rigid, stringy, fibrous (which would describe unhealthy tissue)

Their organs are less prolapsed. So we aren’t finding massively prolapsed bladders, rectums and uteruses of women postpartum who came to pelvic floor pt during pregnancy compared to those who didn’t. Those who didn’t come, often have more pelvic organ descent than those who did.

Scar tissue: of moms who didn’t have pelvic floor pt (internally and with the use of our methods) the scar tissue is usually dense and hard and takes 16-24 sessions of intensive manual work to truly heal these scars. (Most pelvic pts stop after just a few and don’t dissolve the scars completely, which may still take away the symptoms temporarily but overtime the body will contract around scar tissue that’s not fully dissolved. It doesn’t protect you from having preventively healthy tissue without restriction. Which then leads to incontinence and other issues down the road.

They return to exercise much faster and with much less risk for injuries than moms who didn’t come during pregnancy.

The experience: moms that prepare with body motion look fondly on their birth experience. There is trauma regardless when a human comes out of your body. It can be emotional, it can be physical, it can be in the spiritual realm. It’s a massive event. But the more prepared we are for labor and delivery on all these levels the more empowered we feel going through the labor and delivery process. And therefore the less trauma we have.

If you followed my 3rd pregnancy with Jayla in 2021 and read that birth story you probably saw that the birth emotionally was not what I wanted or expected. When my water broke there was poop in the amniotic fluid and my dreams of a home birth slipped out of my hands before I was even in active labor. Labor was long for me and it took contractions a really long time to pick up. I snuck some castor oil into the hospital to avoid pitocin at all cost (had it for my first and those contractions were rough). The castor oil worked and sped things up for me. I was able to breathe Jayla out in the exact way I wanted. I knew at that moment that all my pelvic floor prep work paid off. And it was magical. My grade 2 prolapse didn’t get any worse. My pelvis felt great after birth. My first two babies I pushed over multiple hours. First, all the blood vessels in my eyes and body broke! I looked like I had a deep tan from the broken blood vessels. It was strange. My eyes were bloodshot. This is when I knew that the original birth prep I had done wasn’t even close to enough.

I am excited to release my book all about birth prep during pregnancy sometime this spring. It still doesn’t have a name but I am so passionate to get this work out there. If you or any moms you know are pregnant you know where they should go!

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