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Interview With An Expert Physical Therapist

What made you so passionate about Pelvic Health?

I learned about Pelvic Health in college and it intrigued me because I had been experiencing incontinence throughout my childhood when I played hockey. Once I was working in home health and saw how many women were struggling with issues that could have been reversed I knew how I could use my skills and interest to support the next generation and prevent them from needing medications and surgeries and save them from losing their independence.

What is the number one tip that you recommend to clients?

See a pelvic expert! All women whether you’ve had kids or not it’s important and most of us go our entire lives without this type of support. So many issues can be caused by pelvic floor dysfunction that we just live with; leaking, constipation, pain with intercourse, joint and back pain, queefing the list goes on. Seeing an Expert who can evaluate you internally will give you the confidence to live a life without limits. Knowing that you’re all good or knowing that you need to make modifications or need to gain strength or learn how to relax those muscles is important information for your health.

When is it time to see a surgeon?

Obvious cases of severe injury, but also most 4th degree prolapses do need to be addressed with surgery. Personally I like to take the more conservative approach and try holistic treatments for issues like prolapse, incontinence, bladder issues, diastasis recti. I am not a medical doctor but as a doctor of physical therapy I have seen people avoid bladder slings and abdominal surgeries by getting pelvic floor physical therapy.

What systems does the pelvic floor support?

The pelvic floor is truly amazing, it supports our internal organ and keeps them up and inside our bodies, it also supports our joints by absorbing force that is exerted. It is also responsible for our sexual and bathroom functions. It is the base of our core and has a huge role in daily life.

What’s the difference between physical therapy and chiropractic?

Physical therapy is treatment of the muscles including the deep internal pelvic floor muscles and joints, we can even do Visceral Manipulation which allows us to treat internal organs as well. Chiropractic care is based on the alignment of the body so there is large focus on the spine and also on the nervous system.

How Is Body Motion PT Different?

I wanted there to be a place that felt like a spa, that you feel welcome and cared for by our entire team. I also wanted my clients to get results and feel supported. Our clients only see doctors of physical therapy and often stick with the same provider the entire time, that way they can form a relationship and track progress together. I didn’t want a clunky gym that you see a doctor for 5 minutes and then are passed off to different aids and given exercises to do at home. Our Expert Pelvic Floor Physical therapists create a customized comprehensive plan of care based on your goals, they treat your entire body and find and resolve the root problem within your pelvic floor. They spend time treating you, doing things you can’t do for yourself during the session so you can focus on maintaining those amazing results at home through the exercises and tools we give you.

Who Can Go To Body Motion PT?

Our experts specialize in pelvic floor treatment so whether you’ve had children or not you can have pelvic floor dysfunction. We see people in their early 20’s till their late 50’s early 60’s.

Why Do You Advocate For Holistic Care Vs. Medications & Surgeries?

Side Effects! Medications come with a host of side effects, also surgeries are intense! All surgeries leave behind scar tissue which can have a host of issues especially if it’s in the abdominal wall. I of course understand the need for certain surgeries and am in no way shaming anyone for needing one but I wanted people who were hesitant to have a place they can go to work with an expert to regain their strength and coordination and make some lifestyle changes that can help them feel their best and not feel like their only option was to go under the knife.


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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