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Excerpt From First Episode:
Interviewer: So, clients who come to you are often caught in the cycles of dieting and constantly feeling like they’re falling off the wagon, how can we change that?

Natalie: Most clients who come to me, say “I know what to eat, I just can’t seem to do it. I have a problem with my willpower. I’ll do a diet, and it works, but then I just can’t keep it together. It’s something that I just have cravings, and I can’t overcome them.” That’s one of the first things I talk about with clients is breaking down the diet cycle. And it begins with the “problem behaviors.” So, for many people, let’s say, emotional eating. There’s a reason why we engage in our “problem behaviors.”And so, for emotional eating, a reward at the end of a really long week or it’s a way to connect with our partner at the end of a long day. Or maybe it’s a way to get through a really boring project at work. So, there is this reason why it’s helping us, but then we have that onslaught of negative internal dialog like, “Oh, what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just get my act together? It’s not like anyone’s putting the food in my mouth. I’m never gonna be able to like fix this.” And then that causes, for many people, a lot of shame and guilt or just feelings of frustration.Okay more healthy bladder techniques: You should be able to delay the urge. You should drink a good amount of water to hydrate the bladder lining (and reduce the acidity of the bladder, increased acidity can lead to false cues to void) You should never hover over a toilet seat, most American women can not relax their pelvic floor enough to be able to relax to fully void. Without full relaxation, you can give the bladder mixed signals leading to dysfunction. You should breath and rock back and forth after you pee, to fully empty bladder.

If you ever pee, and it isn’t in the toilet aka it’s in your underwear or on the bathroom floor getting in and out of the shower, you should get help. You probably have some dysfunction with your pelvic floor. This dysfunction most likely will not improve on its own and can lead to much much bigger issues. Please seek a professional pelvic expert physical therapist for individual assessment and help. Don’t be the mom depending on Depends.


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