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Real Life: Success Story

Pregnant Client with low back and hip pain, diastasis and incontinence.

A 31 year old mother of a 7 year old was pregnant with her second child. This has been a bit of a hard pregnancy. She works full time and spends a ton of her time driving around for work and for her sons sporting events. She always has to pee, her back is killing her and she is seriously stressed and anxious. She has always dealt with anxiety, sometimes it’s so bad it gives her heart palpitations.

She had been going to the chiropractor for her back and pubic bone pain but nothing has been helping. She already had a diastasis (abdominal separation) and she wanted to keep that as small as possible. She was a little skeptical because she had already dropped a lot of money on the chiropractic care and acupuncture without much relief.

When we started therapy her main goal was to be comfortable the rest of the pregnancy so she could keep up with her son. We got to work right away. Releasing her incredibly tight hips, this in turn took strain of the abdominal separation and it was actually smaller by the end of her pregnancy. We were able to help her urge incontinence with simply releasing some of her pelvic floor muscles. She learned how to use her pelvic floor and all the sudden she was having much better bowel movements too. She didn’t know that they could be this good during pregnancy. We were able to get rid of the back and hip pain right away and she ended up having a very fast un-medicated labor of only a few hours. She did not have any tearing and so far is completely pain free


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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