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What I’ve Learned Working For A Pelvic Expert – That I Would Have Never Known

Hey everyone! I thought I could write up a little guest post. I wanted to share the key information that I have learned from working for Dr. Allison for the past 3 years.

  1. Pain is common not normal
    We have met thousands of people over the years and almost every single one of them was experiencing pain somewhere in their body. You might be thinking “well yeah they’re coming to physical therapy for a reason…” but that’s the catch… they have pain somewhere else in their body that they have ACCEPTED and were not actually seeking treatment for. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with many of our clients and when you hear about their lives; families, jobs, travels, responsibilities, abilities, hobbies ect. You are absolutely blown away by their schedules and just the amazing people they are and then you hear that they’ve simultaneously been suffering with pain from the moment they get out of bed to the time they can finally get back in bed. It is so true that you never really know what another person is going through. What’s absolutely wild to me is that the symptoms these women are experiencing is often written off as a side effect of motherhood.

  2. The pelvic floor is the foundation of our core strength and our core is the foundation of our bodies.
    Prior to working for Body Motion when I heard core I thought of 6 packs and crunches but now after working with such experts I have learned how essential and complex the core systems are. That you can have a strong core at any size and that a weak core affects your entire body! It’s not just for aesthetics. That the core affects your bathroom and sexual function and supports your internal organs and your joints along with supporting your spine. LIKE WOW! The core is a powerhouse and I’m so glad that I learned this information before I have kids and can be mindful of it as I age!

  3. Regardless of how you birth there can be lasting effects on your body
    I am not someone who tolerates pain well and as beautiful as birth is I have always been partial to having a c-section in the future. Especially after hearing from family and friends the aftermath of a vaginal birth but I’ve learned from the providers here at Body Motion that c-sections lead to scar tissue in the abdominal wall and that can have lasting effects limiting blood flow to the pelvic organs causing issues like discomfort with sex, incontinence and constipation plus an increased chance of back pain. The way to avoid these common postpartum injuries and issues is to optimize your body and prepare your pelvic floor for birth and coordinate your muscles and your breathing so you can reduce the strain exerted on your pelvic floor during birth.

  4. That you can have pelvic floor issues without having children
    I think we’ve all laughed so hard we’ve leaked a little but I didn’t realize that leaking and other pelvic floor dysfunctions can be caused by lifestyle factors not just birthing history.
    Say you’re super athletic, were in an accident or even experienced trauma or stress. All of those are factors that can lead to pelvic floor dysfunction. Even diseases like PCOS and endometriosis can be factors as well.

    5. That nothing to TMI to a pelvic floor PT.
    Seriously! The things I know about my co-workers… lol but when you’re in a professional environment with empathetic providers every little thing gets addressed and as doctors they are constantly learning and sharing research it’s truly amazing their dedication to their profession and their clients and how comfortable they make you feel about things anywhere else you might be embarrassed to talk about.

    Overall, I am so honored to be a part of so many women’s journeys over the years. If you haven’t yet reached out, look no further than Body Motion. I don’t just say that because I work here. I say that because I have talked and spent time with countless women who have taken years of going through the system, and yes even other pelvic floor PTs before finding us. Are we worth it? The answer is yes. Who is the best pelvic floor PT? Body Motion is, because all our doctors train together and write the protocols that have revolutionized pelvic health rehabilitation. And, Yes even if you have to drive over the mountains or fly down from Alaska you need to come here. And, Yes because I have seen women cry wishing they would have come here first before trying that other PT and before countless surgeries, whether that be hip, knee, bladder or hysterectomies. I have seen it all and been here long enough to know that we are different. We “Body Motion Physical Therapy” are going to get you back to the life you love feeling your absolute best!





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