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A Letter From Dr. Allison

Thank you to all who have followed along with my pregnancy! We are so thrilled to have welcomed Jayla Rose Feldt to our family on July 29th at 2:05am. (Feel free to run that astrologically :))

She is my own personal birthday twin! Fun fact my husband Dylan was born on his birth moms birthday too. So maybe this is some type of family tradition, who knows…..

I kept hearing that third babies were “wild cards” and Jayla defiantly fit the bill for that! Pretty much nothing/very little went as I Hoped, planned or manifested, and in due time I will share her birth story.

But for now I am taking this a huge lesson of “You can have a plan and it can all go to shit, How will you respond”.

When I go through life I have tried to see what I can learn from each and every situation, how can I learn and continue to grow. So I think I needed this experience to continue to teach me to be adaptable and to keep moving when you have very litttle control of the situation.

Maybe I am starting to ramble here a bit but one of my mentors always says, “win or learn” and this experience has given me some valuable learning experiences.

One thing that I did want to share with you now, is absolutely how incredibly grateful I am for the team at body motion. I haven’t been there in a while but they continue to help moms like me prepare for their incredible births. And for that I am forever thankful. This was my first pregnancy that I had internal pelvic floor PT with our specialized tools and protocols that we give and teach to every expecting mother. Previous pregnancies I had some external work and would use a form of biofeedback to train my pelvic floor for birth. This was never enough, my first two took 3 hrs to push out each with significant damage to my body. (This is what some people get as their pelvic pt prebatally, most clinics only do this, if they get any at all, which makes me sad because then they think pelvic PT doesn’t work prenatally to help with birth).

So now for the juicy. I can’t even begin to thank Dr. Riley and Dr. Victoria for the pelvic floor work. For my first two kids, I could never feel the baby truly be in the pelvis. And like I said pushed forever even though I trained my pelvic floor with biofeedback.

This time around I truly didn’t even have to push. My body did the work. I felt her there and my body just naturally expelled her. I breathed a few times to “push” her out but it was so controlled and coordinated, I did have a barely 1st degree tear that I had stitched but I can’t believe how good and the amazing work of having body motion for prenatal PT is. No one has the protocols that we do to help moms through their pregnancies. To have this type of pelvic floor opening, feeling and control was a very magical experience! So for that I am seriously grateful. Not to mention I didn’t even feel my prolapse postpartum, and I know it’s because of all the amazing work prenatally. So thank you!

As the owner of body motion, I knew what we did, but to be on the experiencing end of this type of revolutionary care is mind blowing.

Thank you for reading my story and following along. Your well wishes and love and prayers mean the absolute world to me.


Dr. Allison Feldt


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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