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Return To Exercise And Movement Postpartum

You Go From This… To This

Let us help you restore your body in a healthy way so you don’t end up hurting yourself as you push to get back to your routine and work on feeling like your old self. Our goal isn’t to get your body back, our goal is to improve your core and protect you from injuries that happen to many moms because they never got their core back.

So maybe our goal is to get your body better 🙂 Whatever words you want to use you must know that healing your core is the secret to protecting you.

You want to feel strong again. You have started to maybe think about eating better too but you don’t want to go on a crazy diet because you know that’s not fair to your body. Especially all it just went through so you’re scouring the internet to figure out how you can safely start working out as fast as humanly possible.

What I am about to tell you, you are most likely not going to like to hear.

Well let’s start with this

The less is more approach is the best approach right now, Especially if your still bleeding or spotting or just got the okay from your doctor to have sex or return to running or the gym.

Why is that?

Your organs are still healing, your tissue and muscles are still recovering and your body needs time.

Here are the things that must be done if you truly want to increase your healing time and get you to a safe place to return to your postpartum healing journey.

The most important thing to do is find a pelvic floor physical therapist who will treat your whole body: from your pelvic floor, to your back, hips, neck and feet. Why’s that? Your core system protects your whole body so we have to make sure to tie every limb back to your body and support it. The core, when trained appropriately, can do this.

Here are some essentials to help you get you feeling like you can jump back to your fitness routine.

  1. Establish care with a Pelvic Expert Physical therapist.
  1. Read “Restore Your Body After Kids: The Secret To Avoiding Peeing Your Pants And Achy Joints As You Age”.
  1. Start by breathing, retrain your diaphragm to connect to your pelvic floor. This is the very first step to reclaiming and rebuilding your core. This is imperative before jumping back to exercise.
  1. Begin isometrically isolating your transverse abdominis muscle.
  1. All these steps can be started day 1, your session with a pelvic PT can start ASAP but the internal evaluation must wait until 6-8wks or when cleared by your provider.

Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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